Small Marketing Budgets With BIG Impact with Ajay Prasad

Founder of Global Marketing Resources – Ajay Prasad

ajay prasad 204Are you trying to design a marketing strategy with a limited budget and crossing your fingers for BIG results? Tune in to this show as Ajay Prasad lays out his full spectrum digital marketing plan he developed and executes with small businesses of all budget sizes.

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4 responses

  • I love what Ajay has to say how would this work for a local cleaning company with yes no marketing budget

  • Thanks Ajay, thanks Jamie šŸ™‚

  • Hey Jamie, I would love to hear a follow up from Ajay (or you) on the Facebook marketing issue. The people that teach Facebook Marketing in terms of ads usually say something like (1) “create an ad for a free giveaway”, (2) “send them content”, and then (3) “make an offer”. This seems to work well for course creators, but doesn’t method not work so well with offline businesses like Ajay is representing. I am curious to see what he finds out.

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