Slow and Steady to an Amazing Online Business with Joshua Dorkin

Founder & CEO – Living and breathing real estate, politics, tech, startup life. – Joshua Dorkin

Joshua DorkinJoshua has a diverse background, in stocks the entertainment industry and teaching special education. His brother suggested he try real estate, and so he jumped in! But the amount of information you needed to do it right, and the amount of crappy guru’s selling information in that space is ridiculous. Joshua scratched his own itch and created a non-scammy site calle BiggerPockets that answers real estate questions. It’s grown into a huge business that has over 144,000 people in the community. Learn how Joshua grew his online business while having a day job, how he quit, and is building his company bigger and better in a non-scammy way!

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12 responses

  • What a pleasant surprise! I just started guest blogging for this site (, and I’ve used it for the last 5 years because its the most honest, not trying to sale me everything, type site out there! And, there are many experienced investors that offer to help out. Great interview, great websites for real estate investors, and great person to have on your show!! šŸ™‚

    Lisa Phillips

    • Thanks for the comment, Lisa! We appreciate having you as a member and contributor to the community. I’m glad the site has proven to be valuable to you for so long! See you back on BP!

  • Joshua is doing an awesome job with the BP community!

  • Just Great šŸ™‚

  • Great interview. Thank you very much. I will be subscribing to your podcast, I started buying condos and renting them out on Airbnb, my experience have been great, now I am hungry to learn more.

  • I have been a user of BiggerPockets for years now. It is easy to get addicted to the forum discussions so I have to take breaks every so often. The amount of information that is shared freely is amazing. Browse the forums and you will get a better real estate education then most books on the subject. Great Work Josh!

  • Jaime: I’m the type of person that wants everybody to like them. It’s one of my faults.

    Josh: Get a puppy.

    That make me laugh so hard. This was an excellent, excellent show! I loved it. I’m a big fan of both of you guys?so naturally, I HAD to listen to this show šŸ™‚

  • Great interview.

    I have been a member of BP for years. I’ve learned so much from the forums alone.

    My new addition is the Thursday podcast episodes. I’ve listened to all of them so far
    & have received lots of great tips.

    Keep up the great work, Josh.


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