Simplifying start-ups in this crazy time with Matt Knee

President/Founder of MyCompanyWorks, Inc – Matt Knee

Matt Knee is the founder of My Company Works and the author of Startups Made Simple. Matt started his company out of his apartment in 2001 and it has grown into one of America’s largest startup and incorporation services. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and self-development.

“Don’t be afraid to share your idea. A lot of people are afraid of having their idea stolen. It really doesn’t matter. No one’s gonna steal your idea. It’s all about execution.” – Matt Knee

Episode Highlights:

  • When is the right time to build a startup
  • Tips on what to do with your business to thrive and survive during the coronavirus pandemic
  • How to simplify start-ups during this crazy time
  • Tips in choosing the best, most solid idea for a start-up
  • Tips in creating your “most valuable product” (testing, marketing, scaling, etc.)
  • The difference between incorporate and LLC (What’s the best to use in a start-up)



Covid-19 Small Business Action Plan
Startups Made Simple

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