Selling Millions of Books and The State of Publishing with Tucker Max

American author and public speaker – Tucker Max

Tucker MaxTucker is a best selling author three times over with titles like – Assholes Finish First. How did young kid that got drunk and told crazy stories make it? Not everyone can. We went over the details on what made him sucessful, and how he helped other authors like James Altucher crush their book marketing. If you want to publish anything – you need to listen in! (Be aware of the R rated language in this one!)

If you want more information on marketing your book – check out Tuckers new book Bookstapper!

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast:

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3 responses

  • What a character Tucker Max is! I think he (and yourself for that matter) shows just how beneficial getting your personality into your business can be and this is something I very much aim to improve on.

    I?m finding it tough a couple of years in to my EM project and still have a full time job, so I also appreciated the Gretchen Grove interview on the slower paced approach and would like to see more of this.

    I?m mindful of working too hard and regretting lost time with family and friends and it would be great to hear more on how the millionaires have balanced this and maybe some tips to live a rich life without actually having the million!

    I am currently working hard on my affiliate gambling website. I know this sort of thing is frowned upon and illegal in many parts of the US (we have more relaxed laws in the UK) but the principles and what I?m trying to achieve are the same and I?ve picked up lots of good info from your interviews, thank you.

    I do however think we?re due an update on your progress to reach the million. You must be getting pretty damn close now šŸ˜‰

  • This has been so much helpful Jaime, Max really rocks, he knows the publishing world inside-out. I have picked some lessons on the marketing and will sure going to implement them. Thanks

  • Hey Jaime, awesome show! Don’t think iTunes would accept it but their loss. Super entertaining and informative. I read I hope they serve beer in a hell back when I was in University, and now to see Tucker on the show, he definitely lived up to my expectations.

    I’ll have to get that other book of his now. His writing style is just as entertaining as this interview!


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