Selling a Blog for 7 Figures after 3 years of Starting it with JD Roth

Finance writer. Crossfit junkie. Spanish learner. Founded and now write at – J.D. Roth

J.D. RothThe reason why I was on CNN was because of this man! His blog not only helped me get new subscribers and press, but it also helped me to get out of debt years ago. JD Roth of talks about how he grew his site, and got a huge payout. We talk about what would work now and what wouldn’t work in growing your blog, and of course we talk about getting out of debt and getting in control of your finances again!

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14 responses

  • Blogging was the medium for his message. The blog didn’t do the work, he did the work. The blog was just a tool.

    • We can say that with any business right? It’s all just tools. We need to do all the hard work! šŸ™‚

  • Super interview with JD. He’s so right on in that content is “enough” to separate yourself; after all, we write for our readers …. right? Novel idea: bloggers need to be worth reading. You nail that, Jaime, and that’s why you will succeed. Well done .. again!

    • Thanks Chuck!! šŸ™‚
      (You made my day- this was such a sweet comment!)

  • I really enjoyed this interview! I am so thankful for your site, your emails and the people you interview. I am learning so much and it is so empowering, totally taking away doubt and opening my eyes to the fact I have everything in my possession to accomplish my dreams!

    • So happy to hear! šŸ™‚

  • Great interview, Jaime. This was really refreshing. It is also a great reminder to not focus on the money when blogging. In reality, that’s for everything we do in life.

  • Great interview. Listened to it twice!

    Which book from Dave Ramsey are you referring to?

    • AWESOME! Total Money Makeover. šŸ™‚

  • Thank you, Jaime, for the interview with J.D. Roth. What he said rings true and I appreciate the way he said it. Well done.

  • Jaime, your episode was the perfect length for my run home. Great content. I like his comment about writing for people, not for an SEO algorithm.

    Also, a good reminder to tell your story. It’d be good to explore this further. How does a blog or author become a good story teller? And how do good interviewers draw out good stories from their guests?

    Jaime, I think you do a great job with your podcast because you have guests who have great stories to tell.

  • Hello Jaime, I just find out your blog. There is very good material here, also many success stories. I like it. Thanks to JD for sharing his story. The purpose why you are creating the blog is the key, more than follow the money, follow your passion.

  • Jaime, your RSS feed is broken and I can’t subscribe to it.

    Would you mind making your blog available through RSS?


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