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Claude Diamond 204This week on the show I have sales veteran Claude Diamond. He reveals the #1 thing you need to CRUSH it in sales (hint: it’s not a natural ability to sell!), why most people sink the sell within the first 5 seconds, and why he tells his prospects to tell him NO! (this is really interesting) If sales has you feeling stumped, tune in for this one. Your biz will thank you for it!

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4 responses

  • JAIME,



    • Hello.I am mahdi.l from iran.thank you very much claude are my pattern.

      Please answer my comment?

  • Hey Claude, Jaime,

    I enjoyed your chat very much, especially since I’ve been a pro phoning marketer myself for a while (1 year and a bit) where I discovered so many amazing things, loved every minute of it, (except when I was ill and still had to show up for the + 8 hours of work for stats and team objectives, argh :p)

    I have a question though, particularly in the “FUN” context of the subject:
    @Jaime I wish you asked Claude what was his favorite moment of all time while on the phone with a prospect. And I know it doesn’t have anything to do with actual sales, except for the “fun” part, which is exactly what makes the whole machine go forward right? Hehe.

    So you want to know my favorite moment? Well, I would have never believed that it would happen to me, but I instantly fell in love with the voice of a woman (she was probably in her 40s,) as soon as I heard her voice I was like audio-hypnotized, if it ever exists, and I wasn’t new at it, maybe with 8 months experience already with different types of operations. I didn’t understand how that could happen (never happened to me before and never happened ever since, plain amazing,) so I was trying very hard to do my job and I think I succeeded at it, but once she prove to be out of the qualification conditions for the marketing operation, I still asked her if I could tell her something very personal, she said yes, so I told her all about it in a respectful way, she was obviously quite pleased to learn that, and that was it, LOL šŸ™‚

    Thanks again for the good moments šŸ™‚


  • That was not only fun but very informative too. Thank you Jaime for having Claude Diamond on. get him back again please. You both had great rapport and it came blasting through. Role-playing, sales training and cold-calling information is always a skill to want to develop for me. I’d love to see that on another podcast. Great job. best interview I’ve seen in years. 5 Stars!

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