Selects Edition: Mastering Your Passion With Moustafa Hamwi

This is the Selects Edition of the Eventual Millionaire, where we choose to republish the best interviews I had with millionaires. (This episode originally published on April 24th, 2017)

Moustafa Hamwi aka “The Passion Guy” is a winning author and coach, recognized as the world’s leading expert on Passionate Leadership. He has achieved in one year what took others 20 years to achieve in this industry to an extent he got nicknamed globally as The Passionpreneur due to his amazing success in empowering leaders to work & live passionately.

“Life is not about discovering yourself. Life is about creating yourself and the creation role is up to you.” – Moustafa Hamwi

Episode Highlights:

  • The weird reason why people don’t care about their “calling” but will bend over backwards for their “passions”
  • Two questions to ask yourself right now that will get you closer to your mission.
  • How to “manifest” $1Billion dollars?!
  • How a tiny change in your thinking can instantly cure your low self-worth.
  • What is the “Tiger Woods Syndrome” (and why it is killing your motivation)
  • How to stay focused on your purpose when your day-to-day life feels like a never-ending rut


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