Selects Edition: Living with Values for Greater Success with Dina Dwyer Owens

Business Leader, Author, Motivational Speaker – Dina Dwyer Owens

Dina Dwyer Owens is the co-chairman of Dwyer Group, a large franchisor that has over 2,700 franchisees. Dwyer Group is a values-guided (their secret sauce!) world leader of franchise businesses focused on repairing, maintaining, and enhancing customers’ homes and businesses. (And they’ve been doing this for 37 years so they know their stuff). Dina’s also a motivational speaker and was recently named Top 100 Leadership Speakers in 2018 by Today, Inc.

Episode Highlights:

  • How to design your life and clarify your values for your business and family
  • Why systemizing your values are the key to success (and how to do it!)
  • Why most companies, families, and nonprofits fail with their values and how to fix this.
  • Training, training, and more training! Why it’s a core competency of any successful franchisor operation!
  • And much more!

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