Selects Edition: How this new business went from 0–$40,000 a month recurring (by saying no to a lot of potential customers!) with Hugh Culver

This is the Selects Edition of the Eventual Millionaire, where we choose to republish the best interviews I had with millionaires. (This episode was originally published on June 10, 2019. Hugh has since sold the company

I’m glad to have my amazing friend, Hugh Culver, back on the show. Hugh co-founded the world’s most exclusive tour company and only private flights to the South Pole. He has run five businesses, including eco-tourism, construction, training and development, and whitewater rafting.

He is also an amazing keynote speaker and trainer which teaches entrepreneurs and business owners on how to think better, plan smarter, and act on what really matters. He has over 1,000 speeches (and counting) to big companies and brands. He is also a bestselling author of Give Me A Break: The Art Of Making Time Work For You. Currently, he established his new business,

Episode Highlights:

  • How he visualized and built his new business,
  • How to productize your business (So you aren’t reinventing the wheel every time)
  • Tips and tricks in republishing old contents in your website
  • How to maintain a big team with low cost
  • Tools to use to systemize and productize your business

Websites and Resources:
Give Me A Break: The Art Of Making Time Work For You

Connect with Hugh:


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