Selects Edition: Create Your Own Luck With Shawn Reynolds

Entrepreneur, Wannabe Pro Athlete, Dad and Perpetual Student of Life – Shawn Reynolds


Shawn Reynolds is a ridiculously amazing serial entrepreneur, producer, and actor. Together with his brothers, Neil and Ryan, they start up their own family-owned and operated eavestrough & exteriors company. Their company’s aim is to treat their customers like family.

Episode Highlights:

  • The art of getting things done when you’re buzzing with a million ideas from all sorts of directions’ without spreading yourself too thin.
  • When FEAR can be a great motivator.
  • How to know what kind of advice is OK to ignore.
  • THIS will help you notice you’re on the verge of burnout before it?s too late.
  • What is “Eisenhower Matrix” and how to use to skyrocket your productivity without running yourself to the ground.
  • How to get a mentor when you’re Mr. Nobody.

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