Secrets behind a Successful Launch with Dane Maxwell

Founder of The Foundation – Dane Maxwell

Dane MaxwellDane tells us what happened during his last huge launch, what worked and what didn’t. He also goes into what they are planning for the new launch of the Foundation. Key insights on a huge launch here!

-What went wrong in the Foundation initial launch

-What worked in the huge six figure launch

-Strategies they are doing differently for the new launch

Check out TheFoundation for more info!

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3 responses

  • As a student of Dane & Andys I can really say The Foundation helped a ton with my mindset. These guys invest their heart and soul into making their students a success. They are pretty awesome guys and doing awesome things. I was able to launch a company out of the Foundation – Chatter Lime. Check it out and if you have any questions about my experience with the foundation, message one of concierges.

    Keep up the awesome interviews Jaime!

  • Thanks! It is GOLD.

    How can I get part about copywriting?

    • It’s going to be coming out as part of the Millionaire Insiders group. Stay tuned and you’ll see the link to it via email or on the blog šŸ™‚

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