Scaling Jungle Scout Fast with Greg Mercer

Founder and CEO of Jungle Scout – Greg Mercer

Greg Mercer is the Founder and CEO of Jungle Scout, the leading software for Amazon sellers. He built Jungle Scout from a Chrome extension into a robust suite of SaaS solutions.

Greg has a passion for bootstrapping, tech, and philanthropy. As a public speaker and educator, he is interested in big data, technology, e-commerce, and travel, all of which play a big part in his work and life.

We dive deep into going from startup to over one hundred employees in a short time frame.

“I had no idea how to build software or do the marketing. One of the only attributes that I’d say I am good at is persistence, never take no as an answer and run through any obstacle.” – Greg Mercer

Episode Highlights:

  • His experience in creating and developing Jungle Scout
  • Learn what led Jungle Scout to the fast growth trajectory
  • His journey growing up as a kid with a successful entrepreneur dad
  • How to counter the fear of failure
  • How Greg’s role grew in Jungle Scout (The strengths he developed in five years)
  • How to step back and not micromanage (let go!)
  • Tips and tricks in systemizing your hiring process
  • Learn the deciding factors of hiring
  • Tips in firing your employee

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Connect with Greg:



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