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When is the right time to start documenting your processes. A simple system for breaking down your business into “departments” that translate into SOPs quickly. How to document your first few processes without actually writing them yourself. Is there such as thing as being too granular and detailed when it comes to SOPs? How to deal with sensitive business info such as passwords and credit cards. How to avoid spending thousands of dollars on Operations Manual templates. The easiest way to start your first ORG chart. (And why it’s important to have one.) The subtle but important difference between delegating and abdicating… – Grow from entrepreneur to CEO.

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3 responses

  • Thanks Rick! Good stuff and very applicable to work I am currently doing with my clients to help manage their growing business!


  • Jaime and Rick, I enjoyed this interview. After watching the Michael Gerber interview, I read his book, E-myth Revisited. Process mapping and documentation is a huge difference maker even though it is not a warm and fuzzy activity. After reading the book, I researched to see what tools (if any) are out there in this space. I came across Sweet Process and tried it out. It is an online solution that allows you to simply document procedures and processes for quick access and sharing. It is user friendly for sure.

    I like Rick’s tip about scheduling it on your calendar. This works. Just the other day, I completed a task that I’m not fond of. And I decided to schedule 30 minutes on the calendar for the following week to document it. It took a meeting and a half to get it done. But, it is done and can be handed off to someone else.

    A process hack is to voice record an activity and send it off for transcription. Then, you can tweak it to your specs (if necessary). This saves you time from having to write it out.

    • Hi Bubbles,

      Thanks for this tip.

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