Team Test: Your Team Strengths

Have you completed Part 1 Yet? You need to watch Part 1: Right Structure first before you dive in to Part 2: Right Strengths.

The TEAM TEST: 3 Part Series:

Goal of this section:

  • Learn Your Strengths (owner)
  • Learn Your Team?s Strengths


  • Evaluate Your Team
  • Assess Their Strengths
  • Map it to the Structure

Action Items:

1. ?Evaluate Your Team

  • Grab your Team Roster (Completed in Part 1: Right Structure)
  • Rate everyone at the job they are doing now (A, B, C, F)
  • Rate each role if they are doing more than one

2. Assess their strengths

  • Pick an assessment
  • Owner takes assessment first (self assessment)
  • Team takes assessment second

Link to take DISC assessment:

If you?re interested in other assessments, checkout this post:

Know Your Strengths

3. Map it to the Structure

  • Add your teams assessment scores to your new Team Structure

Link to How to fire an employee:

How to fire an employee


Transcript: Download

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