Ready to learn how to create more money in your business? Me too. : )

We set big goals so we can push outside of our comfort zone. Whether you hit them or not, you grow as a person and learn.?This challenge is about about hitting your goals AND having fun!

Your job is to take action, be an active participant (and beat out the other Eventual Millionaires!)


Although I’m going to be giving you millionaire strategies for hitting 1K in 7 Days, we are going to keep it simple. Why? Because simple works and frankly, it takes less time. Clients of mine have testimonials like?

…going from $600 to $10k in 6 weeks?(or)

…making an extra $5400 in 3 weeks!

And it was by learning the Power of Simple, getting super focused and learning how to sell more, sell faster and find more people to sell to in the first place!




I?ve seen people over and over and over again create way more than $1k in a week. But first things first, they believed it could happen. The biggest success stories I see, are the people that know they can accomplish their goals – and are committed to it ?no matter what?.



Lesson: Most entrepreneurs feel like they have ADHD.

There are so many things to do and not enough time to do it all, so you feel scattered.

We are changing that this week.

You are going to know EXACTLY what you need to do in advance so you can take clear and inspired action to achieve it.


Woo! You set it? Now what???

Now we need to figure out exactly what you need to DO to achieve that.

What do you sell?

I would highly recommend picking one specific product or service to sell this week.

Focus your efforts on your best seller.

So use this formula:


$1,000/Product Cost = Number of Customers you have to sell

For example:

$1,000/$97 = 10.3 customers

So in order to hit your $1k goal, you need to sell at least 11 customers into your course in the next 7 days.


(I?ll wait).

I need to sell __________ customers in the next 7 days!!!

So that?s a great number to have. But how do you do that?

We need to figure out how many people need to know about your business before they buy from you.


So let?s say you are selling a $97 product, and for every 100 people that go to your sales page – one buys. That means you need:

100 * 11 customers = 1,100

So how do you get 1,100 people to your sales page?


Let’s say you’re a web designer.

One client = $2,000 website

You need to have 3 sales appointment in order to get one sale.

You need to talk to at least 10 people that might be interested in order to get one sales appointment.

10 prospects * 3 sales appointments = 30 prospects to get 1 new client

That means you need to figure out how to talk to 30 prospects this week to get one new client.

Which means in the next 7 days, you need to talk to 4.2 potential customers each day. (let?s just say 5!)

SECOND: We’ll need to crunch the numbers…

Then the next question is – how do I find those 5 new people every day?

We?ll go into more depth about that question tomorrow – but think about one way that has worked in the past and go rock that out today!

But before you go… one last (critically important) thing…


There is a big distinction about “being busy.” Yes we are all busy – but are you taking those actions that align with your goal?

I call those active actions – and I want you keeping track of them every day in our Facebook Group!

Here’s a quick video I made to explain this important piece:

Here are a few examples of what an “active action” item check in with your goal should look like:?





  • Post in the Facebook group?what your business is and what your goal is – also choose your active actions.
  • Take action on getting more prospects today!!

Chat more soon…