Rapid Listbuilding with My Secret Weapon Clay Collins

Co-Founder of LeadPages.net – Clay Collins


Clay CollinsClay is an amazing online marketer, and friend, but that isn’t his secret sauce. He has data from hundreds of online businesses on how they are getting leads and what is converting best. He is my go-to guy to learn about optimizing my site, so I brought him on to tell us exactly what we need to do to our websites to get more leads and generate more revenue. You don’t want to miss this!

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Thanks so much for listening!


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7 responses

  • Great interview, Jamie. That’s some really legit insights from Clay about seeing the problems people have first and how you can apply your expertise to help them. That’s how I came upon copywriting. I’ve seen and met with so many passionate software and internet entrepreneurs not being able to express themselves and convert to sales at a high level because they’re not utilizing direct response marketing techniques and copywriting. So that’s why I just started my copywriting and online marketing consulting business and then I’ll eventually move to software or products to eventually become a millionaire. šŸ™‚

  • Here is a 2 for 1 comment regarding integrating Clay’s feedback about the “Even a penny helps” phrasing. I am currently running a crowd-funding campaign and posted that message on our FB page (with 3033 followers) directing them to our campaign. Since I am in process, we can see how it works real-time! Here are the details.

    Pre-post $: $11,347

    Link to post: http://www.facebook.com/tikka.tikka.taco

    Link to campaign: http://igg.me/at/tikka

    Post-post $: We’ll see!

    Thanks as always Jamie!

    • Let me know how it goes!! šŸ™‚

  • Thanks Jamie and Clay! What a fascinating interview and such a great product. I am new to building lists and all those key pages to get increased conversion rates and especially the ‘crowd sourcing’ way of knowing what is working best makes it very exciting and attractive to someone like me. Thanks for creating opportunities for me to learn like this!

  • Jaime, I may have missed the link in the podcast, but can you ask Clay what the URL is for his highest converting page for “Resources”? I couldn’t really find it on his blog. I am interested in those resources!!!

    Thanks. Another great interview and even just the simple advice of making the 404 page an optin and create a separate optin for each blog post.

    Because of this interview you did, I will be purchasing Lead Pages soon. Thanks, Jaime and Clay.


  • I enjoyed this podcast. I own a retail business that has a strong service component, and I will be figuring out how to adopt the suggestions into my website and business overall. What I will be doing starting today is writing the 12 I want statements twice a day.

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