Rainbows And Unicorns And Success With Leonie Dawson

Soul-centered teacher, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, artist – Leonie Dawson

How can a “weirdo hippie kid” make it in the world of serious business? The one thing that changed Leonie’s business trajectory. Why getting a good marketing education is important. Why Leonie thinks that her business is the best way to make friends. Can you build a successful business by only working 2 hours per day?

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8 responses

  • Hi Jaimy,

    I just wanted to say this was an awesome and inspiring episode! I’ve been staying at home with my now 2 year old daughter and planning to start my own business. I’ve been pretty frustrated by not having much extra time, and when I heard Leonie say she built her business by working 2 hours a day,I was so impressed and energized by the fact that she was a woman working at home with limited time and she made her dream a reality. So incredibly awesome! Thank you for the great podcast! I’ve been particularly inspired by you and other women you’ve had on the show who have shared their process towards success.

  • I love her energy and her joy. I am very impressed that she has found a way to be successful, not only financially but also in time. Leonie is a big inspiration!

  • Brilliant as always Leonie, you inspire me with your enthusiasm to be my authentic self, I have just discovered you Jaime and I am so glad I did, I will be looking at your other interviews for more tips and inspo, funny thing is my fellow came in the room and without looking at the screen said ohh is that Jaime Tardy!! I was like you know about her and didn’t tell me haha

  • Great episode Jaime and Leonie!

  • Amazing episode, I’ve always been a big fan of Leonie, now I respect and love her even more, thanks for this Jaime and thanks for being you Leonie you are just magnificent- p.s I love your planner too, it’s amazing .

  • Hi Jaime,
    It’s always refreshing to see people making it on their own terms and Leonie is a pure inspiration and I wish her all the best!

  • Thankyou so much for this interview! Leonie, you are such an inspiration and I love how you have built your business by staying true to who you are and to your bigger vision. Very insightful and inspiring!! xx

  • I found Leonie via AusMumprenuers in Australia, and I have been following her ever since. There isn’t anyone else right now who I could sit and listen to talk (while I should be working on my own business). Her why, her energy. Just fabulous. She is so worth listening to. Thanks for having her on Jaime.

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