Pushing Over Your Limit With Nate Dallas

Serial Entrepreneur – Nate Dallas

Why it takes a good 10 years to become an overnight success. The only thing that pays the biggest dividends and has the most residual value is also the ONE thing that will take you the longest to build. How to figure out which one of your thousand ideas is actually worth pursuing. Nate’s 40 Percent Rule that will “ruin your life” and make you super productive!

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2 responses

  • This was soooo good I don’t even know what to say. I struggle(d) with scheduling. Nate’s approach to 8 hrs of sleep (who gets that lol), 8 hrs of work, 8 hrs extra makes so much sense! I just created a new schedule for myself and I am super excited to try it all out. I also am going to go after those products I have been putting off because of fear for the longest. I love to create things and this was confirmation that i don’t have to stop!

  • Amazing Interview, Nate is Great and so is jaime

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