Stop Solving the Same Problem Over and Over!


I want to answer something for you today that keeps coming up over and over again with my private clients, and with my mastermind group. These are super high level amazing people.

As entrepreneurs, we have a tendency to love to solve problems. We are great at it and it is a great asset to have. The problem with always solving problems is we seem to be solving a lot of the same problems over and over.

These problems can be around hiring, or figuring out your social plan.

What can we do to solve those problems that keep coming up over and over again for good?

Way back when, when I worked in tech support, we were measured on how fast we could get someone off the phone. Although this was great for the metrics I was being measured on, it was not great for the person who did not get their problem solved long term. Their problems would come back and they would call again.

What I think we should have been judged on was ‘first call resolution’. So once we get on the phone with someone, we solve their problem forever and they don’t have to call back. Although this is not a great strategy for job security as a tech support person, PLEASE pay attention to this in your business!

When a problem comes up, especially if it is a recurring problem, ask yourself this: “what can you do right now that will solve this problem FOREVER?”

The more problems we have, the more time we spend spinning our wheels, solving problems. Instead, we want to be growing our business and working ON the business.

So take a minute to think, what are the three most common problems that come up over and over again in your business?

  • Payment issues?
  • Trying to get leads?
  • People not responding?
  • Hiring problems?
  • Delegation problems?

Write down the top three-what is the problem and the solution that will solve this forever?

Let’s figure out how we can make your life less problematic and happier!

Thanks for reading.

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