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Rapid Growth Speaker & Coach. Executive Director of Small Business Festival, Internationally Award Winning Blogger and Host of Better Business Coach Podcast – Matthew Pollard

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I recently sat down with my friend Matthew Pollard, known as The Rapid Growth Guy and the author of The Introvert’s Edge.

We’ve known each other for years, and it was awesome chatting with him.

Matthew is known for being productive and efficient. He’s created business systems and processes that support his desired lifestyle. He shared the top four productivity principles he’s used to create a thriving company.

1. Plan well for productivity.

Small business owners like Matthew and me are always in search of tools we can use to grow our businesses quickly, so we can increase productivity and efficiency.

After building successful businesses in Australia, he moved to the U.S. to start building businesses here and looked for a credit card to support his new business. Chase was the first company that issued him a credit card. Chase’s investment in him helped him plan wise investments to grow his business rapidly.

2. Set an independence goal.

Create an income goal that revolves around your family and your life. When Matthew first came to the U.S., he knew nobody but his fiancée and was determined to recreate the success he had in Australia to support their desired lifestyle without draining his savings. Within twelve months, he was a six-figure business coach.

He didn’t stop there. Every time a client became successful, he asked them to record a testimonial case study video. He collected eight full hours of videos that year hard evidence that his methods worked.

Matthew used those videos as case studies to promote a group coaching program. By growing his group program instead of one-to-one coaching, he effectively bought back personal time for his fiancée.

3. Preplan your goals and learning as you go using ‘just in time’ learning.

Matthew has a huge following on Twitter and LinkedIn, so I asked him how he created this crew of raving fans. His response?

First, he set a goal to have a large engaged Twitter following. He reasoned having an engaged audience would help him grow his business. But he wasn’t sure exactly what it would take to leverage the power of Twitter to do that.

To avoid getting information overload, he first learned how to build an engaged audience. Only after he achieved that goal did he learn how to leverage the power of Twitter.

By preplanning what he wanted and learning in chunks, one step at a time, he ensured his time was used wisely.

4. Get laser-focused on your goals.

Make sure your goals are crystal-clear and concrete. That will make them easy to understand and implement. Also, understand WHY hitting your goals is important. Do they lead you toward something important, such as building a better life for your family? Having a strong reason WHY your goal is important to you is really the most important part! It will keep you going in tough times.

With that in place, write out your goals and read them every morning. It sounds simple but things that are simple get done! You’ll also start to feel anxious when you’re out of alignment with your main objectives. That anxious feeling will push you back on track.


Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. Forgive yourself when you make a decision that isn’t moving you toward your goals. (Beating yourself up will only decrease your productivity.)

Incorporating even ONE of these principles will bring increased efficiency in your business.

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  • Moving forward and not beating yourself up over a mistake is crucial to success. I agree.

  • These tips are absolutely ESSENTIAL on the path to success. If you really put your mind to it, you’d be amazed at what you can accomplish…It all starts from nothing…

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