Peak Performance For Entrepreneurs With Todd Herman

Creator of The 90 Day Year | Performance Coach to Pro & Olympic Athletes | Leadership Advisor to Entrepreneurs – Todd Herman

The effective “Stacking Poker Chips” method for goal achievement. How to avoid “getting into the loop” of procrastinating. The “Ow Brain” vs the “Wow Brain” reality. When “keeping your eye on the ball” is deadly. How to set up your day so that you’re immune to distractions and procrastination.

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4 responses

  • FINALLY I have reached this point:
    1st: I have heard 2-3 people in the last few weeks say exactly the same thing
    I.e that just because someone achieved this or that, or how simple it was, does not mean YOU will. It was interesting to hear Todd say just this.
    The bottom line is; I am NOT that other person, so even if I were to achieve a
    similar result, it would not happen in the same way.
    The corollary of that is; u can ONLY do it ur way. Others advice & suggestions
    can be helpful, but THEY can only be instructive NOT prescriptive.

    2nd: If u r so busy listening to how all these others are doing it, it is very
    time & energy consumptive, AND can be de-motivating. ‘How can I get to where
    they are?”

    3rd: It detracts from ur own capabilities. Whilst u r learning and marvelling
    at their accomplishments, u r not using ur own time, energy & abilities; and
    not REALLY learning anything. U have acquired info, but not knowledge.

    So, I have finally reached the point that I have had enuff, & “am not going to
    take it anymore.” I have heard that a few times recently too. And it is true. I
    have read & listened so much. I have heard it all b4. Many times.

    We all forget we have enuff KNOWLEDGE w/in us already. By using what we already know, we will not only put it to its best use, by USING it, but will add to it as we go, as we need. We need to be task, next-step focussed.
    Small steps, as Todd says.

    I have become more resistant – learnt to say “ENUFF” – to all the products,
    courses, programs etc. I know enuff, so get on with it.

    I NOW see myself as having the answers; as Todd says, it is time to create,
    produce. If I don’t have the answers I will learn. U have to get out there &
    try things out. When I need to know more, it will come along.Only way to grow.
    As a bicycle courier in the city I developed fantastic peripheral vision, and
    intuition – predictability of what people would do.
    That ONLY came from xperience every day.

    One thing I never hear people mention, is that the never-decreasing task of
    accumulating information, is what creates overwhelm. Recently I was reading
    something, and thought, yes, that is good; I will have to use that. 2 weeks
    later I read something else, and it reminds me of it, but I can’t remember the
    original point. Confusion, overwhelm.

    Now IF I had been putting what I already knew into action, that further information would have slid seamlessly into what I was already doing. Learning stuff you don’t need, especially RIGHT NOW.
    What their ‘Ow’ factor is: “gee; look how far I have to go BEFORE I can start”

    Like a cake recipe. You are given 7 steps to make a chocolate cake. Simple….. until someone comes along & begins talking about the different types of flour u could be using. Someone else with the various grades & quality of chocolate; & 1st person tells u why this one is better than the other. Then another joins in & starts asking u what will u be doing about the icing. Wow, a whole other rabbit hole. How simple, and easy, is it now?

    Once you’ve made a chocolate cake successfully, THEN it is easier to consider,
    utilise, & incorporate some more information – variations, refinements.

    Apologies for such a long post. Just got into the flow, that such an
    interesting podcast set me off on.
    Thanks for the train ………..

    P.S AFFORmations – Noah St John

  • Hi Jamie,

    This is an amazing interview/video! Thank you for doing what you do. I’ve learned a ton in this video from Todd Herman. He’s amazing! Thank you for having him on. I was absorbing like a sponge. You know when you thought you heard everything about personal development, then, of course, you didn’t know you were blinded by your innate arrogant. This video has given me another look at why and where I have been doing it wrong. A perfect video in perfect timing.

    I definitely feel you on about having more women and minority on the stage. I’m feeling like you both are rooting for me on, (even though you both don’t know it) it’s inspiring! to know that others needed you and that your work might be of help to others. A sense of belonging I suppose that what you do is mattered even in a small way is what make us human happy.

    Thank you again for all you do, Jamie. Keep up the great work.

  • Such a great interview. Taking so many notes. I truly appreciate Todd’s commitment to finding women and people of color to feature on his podcast (which I’m going to be sure to check out!) and to position them for success. It’s important that these people be a part of the conversations. Hearing his straightforwardness about this make me feel even better about supporting his brand.

    Thanks, Jaime!

  • Holy conisce data batman. Lol!

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