Online Marketing Tactics that Will Increase Traffic and Revenues Today with Syed Balkhi

Owner of – Syed Balkhi

Syed BalkhiSyed is one of my go to guys when it comes to learning about SEO and online marketing. He has multiple companies, one called WPBeginner one of the best sites about WordPress. He also has brand new businesses and knows what is working now even if you are starting from nothing. We go over SEO, why we need Google+, Google Authorship, Youtube tactics and way more. I have a big list of things I need to implement after our talk, first being Google plus! (something I have been avoiding forever!)

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14 responses

  • Great interview. I’ve followed Syed for several years now, mostly through WPBeginner. He is definitely a very busy man and is quite inspiring.

  • Thankyou J I do not have any idea how start a busnes but can you help me to start easy busnes thankyou again

  • Awesome interview. I am definitely going to have to listen to this one again. So many nuggets of wisdom!

  • Nice job Jaime! I just made my first YouTube video yesterday so this was very timely for me. Oh and thanks for asking such great questions for Syed to answer.

  • This was a great interview. Now I need to re-listen and take some notes. Amazing content in this episode. Thanks Jaime for another great episode

  • Hi Jaime,
    This is one interview where I wished you had transcripts. You both covered so many items so fast, and Syed is not that easy to understand (well not for Aussies like me). I would happily pay for a ebook that explored all the items you both covered. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Often, for SEO purposes, you are better off hosting your own video :

  • Hi Jamie,
    I would strongly recommend that you add more detailed “Show Notes” here for each podcast which lists the notable people, sites and tools, etc. mentioned in each show, so that listeners don’t have to either re-listen or take notes while listening.

    • That is in the works for sure! Right now everything should be in the transcript šŸ™‚

  • Jaime–

    I thought that i knew this topic pretty good after shooting some videos and posting. Syed blew me away. His passion really came out and I have to listen several more times to really digest everything he said. Youtube will be a big part of our launch and I feel way more confident after listening. Keep up the awesome interview, you have a fan.


  • Really helpful blog on online marketing. Keep it up.

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