One Tactic That Will Revolutionize Every Part of Your Life with Hal Elrod

#1 rated Keynote Speaker and #1 Bestselling Author – Hal Elrod

Hal ElrodHal has had a complete 180 degree turn around. From depressed and broke to one of the happiest people I know and a millionaire. Hal has had an amazing sucess story – from a horrific car accident and suicidal to living a life of abundance – from ONE key tactic. He calls it the miracle morning, and it has changed thousands of peoples lives. Do not miss the important 6 pieces in the miracle morning!

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14 responses

  • My cat wakes me up around 6.30/7am which to me, is the middle of the night because I like to wake up without an alarm even tho I have an alarm set daily for 8.30am and out of spite for being rudely woken up by my cat, I always turn it off and go back to sleep until I wake up later around 10 or 11.

    But yeah, if you’re not disciplined enough to get yourself out of bed, how you gonna be disciplined enough to become a millionaire. šŸ˜‰

  • AWESOME Interview!!!! Very inspiring!


  • I really enjoyed this interview. It is so timely. I will definitely implement a version of this Miracle Morning ritual and report my results back soon. Thanks so much Jamie!

  • Another fantastic interview.I am going to plan my morning now.
    Thank you so much.

  • Yes very good stuff. Inspires you to try this. But I find when I wake up at 6pm and get cracking by 2pm in the afternoon I am whacked out. Isn’t there a set level of energy you have in a day. When you add 2 hours to your morning, you have to take them from 2 hours in your evening.

    Perhaps some advice on how to increase your energy levels and how to manage your time better would tie in better with this stuff. Such as using this time to plan the rest of your day.

    Sorry if I am being a little negative. However my motto is try it out with an open mind, it might just work


  • Loved the interview. Ironically, just finished the Hal’s audiobook and picked up a few copies of the 5 minute journal for Christmas gifts and personal use.

    Thanks for sharing this motivational interview.

  • I thought I was a late-night person and got good work done before bed. Then one day I got up to watch a FIFA WC game at 4am. After the game I was hugely productive from 6-8 just before breakfast.

    Ever since that, I have been getting up at 6am and it works a treat. I discovered I am actually a morning person. It takes discipline at both ends to work as well, bed before 10 and up with no snooze button!

    James Altucher does a funny bit about his strict bedtimes. I think his is like 830pm and gets up super early.

  • Great interview…it speaks directly to me.
    My typical morning is as follows. My alarm goes off at 5:00am. I hit the snooze until 6:15.(yes over an hour if snoozing) Quickly, dress, shave, brush teeth and i am out the door at 6:30. Been doing this or something similiar since high school.
    The interview is great inspiration. I am starting tomorrow morning. I even signed up to the FB group. Keep them coming.

  • Enjoyed the interview, even if I find the “Miracle” part a bit heavy on the infomercial feel.
    I’m 33% there with meditation and exercise. I’ll definitely fit in the remaining 4 practices- shouldn’t be hard since they’re all enjoyable (and I’m still trying to make an evening gratitude practice stick).

    Thank you Jaime and Hal- continued success to you both.

  • I haven’t even pressed play yet and I am excited. I listened to Hal Elrod the other week on Smart Passive Income and it was one off the most emotional and inspirational stories I have ever heard. I am already applying his strategies and he is amazing and so is Jaime and just hit play, it will change your life. Then listen to it again.

    Love what you are doing Jaime!

  • Great, energetic interview! I’ve sortof been following Hal for a little while and have my own morning routine. I start each morning with stretching & meditation followed by some time to review everything I have going on and prioritize. Then, I can get at least one task accomplished before the rest of the world wakes up šŸ™‚ Keep these great interviews coming, Jaime!

  • I first heard of the concept of getting up early in the morning dictates the rest of your day from Brian Tracy few years ago.

    Anybody can get up in the morning and preplan the entire day.

    BUT, here’s the big BUT, it is the discipline to consistently do it EVEN if you don’t feel like doing it is the great challenge….

    Keyword: Discipline And the application of Consistency.

    It is the discipline that you have to do it, even you don’t feel like doing it…….and that what separates the achiever against mediocre….the 1% of the population vs the 99% of the population.

    Cheers, Leonard
    Down Under (Australia)

    P.S., Jamie, love your program (I accidentally stumbled on your program few years ago…and ever since im hooked :-)….BUT as you know, there is no such thing as accident šŸ™‚ )

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