No BS Amazon Business With Adam Hudson

A serial entrepreneur who has built several multi-million dollar companies in both Australia and the United States – Adam Hudson

The quickest way to cash-flow when you sell on Amazon. The biggest mistake most people make when deciding what products to sell. How to get 60% ROI. What you must look for when researching products and suppliers. Why is Adam able to sell products for double the price of his competitors and with 40%+ margins. Products you must avoid like plague. How to find the best suppliers on Alibaba. – Get Adam’s FREE Amazon course now.

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11 responses

  • Where was this interview before I got into amazon and lost my butt? I definitely agree that evergreen products are the way to go!

    • Hi Clif. Could you elaborate a bit for me please? Did you get into a super competitive niche? Cheers

  • I would like to study it deeper.
    Can’t find Adam’s amazon shop.
    Is it possible to get a link?

    • Sorry for this late reply Artur. I was waiting for Adam’s reply about this.

      Unfortunately, Adam does not disclose what his Amazon products are because he would risk others copying his very profitable product line.

      I hope that you understand his side.

  • Great interview! Good to know anyone can fail.

  • Adam, is full of shit… Tony Robins counterfeit, he makes more from public speaking and PR than his products on Amazon that he gets paid extra for promoting. He will not disclose his store as most of you do better than him already in your own stores.

    • Everyone is entitled to an opinion of course! And most people won’t share the stores since it’s so competitive – even my clients won’t.
      And Tony makes massive amounts from other businesses too:

      “He is the chairman for a holding company comprised of over one dozen businesses that see annual sales of over $5 billion. He’s a partner of America’s Best 401k, which consults businesses on their 401k services, and he founded Global Accounting Alliance, which provides outsourced CFO services.”

    • I’ve meet Adam and he’s not full of shit. A very genuine guy who loves to pass on his knowledge and experience to others.

      • I agree with Jesse. I joined Adams course in 2017 and thanks to him and he’s teachings and the ongoing support I now have 3 product listed on under my own brand he is a no BS upfront person that really cares about people.. Matt you are welcome to think what you like but I am just 1 of thousands of people that know that Adam is the real deal.

  • Hi I’ve been listening to Adams talks on promoting an Amazon business and I am getting quite keen. How will this new legislation or policy of Amazon’s to not let us on their site effect businesses run from Australia selling on Amazon.
    I look forward to hearing from you my name is Geoff Congdon
    pH 0414851842

  • I really don’t mind if Adam is making money out of his course, good on him. I do think however people need to realise that Amazon is highly competitive and is no place for dreamers or the faint hearted.

    To be successful you need many skills, it’s not really about selling it’s more about math and data analytics. If you can get your head around those two areas your chances of success are greatly improved. The other point I would make is that you really do need significant capital to get started, approaching this with less than $20,000 would be a mistake in my opinion.

    Good luck all

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