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How Millionaires got their time back and took control of their schedules, while still growing their business.

Hi! My name is Jaime Masters and I’ve interviewed over 450 millionaires


They’re not much different than you and me.

(no, really, hear me out)

I’ve personally interviewed over 450 successful millionaires who have mastered the craft of building a powerhouse business from the ground up.

They aren’t exempt from a jam-packed schedule and not having enough time to breath (let alone sleep, eat, or even reach the bottom of their to-do lists).


three main reasons they’ve continued to succeed,
despite the demands of a growing business are…


They discovered a set of strategies, or hacks, to gain back time

They use tools and resources to take control of their schedules

They implemented strategies and best practices to just plain out Get More things Done.

That’s what

Millionaire productivity hacks

is here to show you.

It’s a step-by-step blueprint that reveals real-life productive
(and profitable) hacks REAL Millionaires use. Plus, a hit list of tools, and tricks I use to run my own six-figure online biz.

Why we are different

This series is packed with actual hacks from brilliant minds who have made it to the top of their game.

And nope – this isn’t just another dose of the same old-school methods you?ve heard a million times before.

And trust me, they’ll work for you too. Just wait until you see the results.

From Our Clients

“One simple tool alone that Jaime shared with us for productivity has literally saved us 10+ hours A WEEK that we are now investing back into our business. We are more productive, more focused, and have created more momentum in our business in the last two months as a result of just one of the tools she shared!”

Kate Stoltzfus

“Through the productivity hacks I learned from Jaime, I finally have a structure in place so that every week I set BIG goals, create personal accountability, and stay on task during the workweek to get the most crucial things done. Just a few of the tactics she shared alone has changed how I plan out my time every week!”

Danielle Wilberg

“It’s amazing what happens when you become more intentional how you spend your time. I’ve learned to shift my time into activities that ACTUALLY have a direct impact on my bottom line. And the results I’ve gotten speak for themselves.”

Emily Levenson

And I’m taking it a step further.

Not only will I share these proven strategies with you, but I’ll also give you a framework to use them in immediately.

How often do you learn some “tips” or “tricks” that sound good in theory, but have no practical application in your day-to-day business?

I’ve broken this content into 3 phases so you can laser focus on one area at a time and make massive time saving changes in your life:

Phase 1 - Tools

I’ll give you a hit list of all high-impact tools you can use immediately to win back some breathing room in your schedule. (Hint: these are the EXACT same tools Kate used to claim back 10 hours a week!)

Phase 2 - Create Inventory

I’ll give you a step-by-step system to honestly audit and evaluate the tasks you’re currently spending time on. We will then determine smarter ways to invest the time you win-back into the most profitable and high-priority tasks in your biz. (And, I’ll show you how to put those low level, overbearing and under-earning tasks off your plate for good.)


Phase 3 - The Power of Focus

In phase 3 we’ll talk the biggest mistake I see almost ALL business owners make (even my high-end clients!) when it comes to building a predictable strategy for unbeatable focus, eliminating low impact and high-stress tasks while guaranteeing every week your keystone objectives in your biz move forward (no matter what life throws you).

If you want to FINALLY experience the freedom you started your business for in the first place (instead of feeling trapped?)


Millionaire productivity?

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