Nerds on Call – From a Spare Room to 15 Locations with Ryan Eldridge

Co-founder and Senior Vice President of Nerds on Call – Ryan Eldridge

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Ryan EldridgeRyan is a self proclaimed nerd. (And YES we had the geek vs nerd chat!)

Discover how a simple ad launched his business to rapid growth, tips for working with your spouse, and how to deal when your biggest competitor (Geek Squad) is in every Best Buy!

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11 responses

  • Please, embed the transcript of the podcast soon.

  • That was an awesome interview…

    I wished that I had heard this interview when I owned my telephone system business because I could have implemented some very cool ideas.

    Thanks Ryan and Jaime.

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia

  • This was a fantastic interview. It made me so excited to get out there and do more!

    I love how he mentioned how you have to prepare stuff if you are returning just one day over the return date etc. My family and my extended family will never ship at sears again because of this. We had a horrible experience and were treated like we were trying to hustle the company out of money.

    Then we went to Costco and they said hey if you EVER have a problem with this item don’t hesitate to bring it back. Happy to report we haven’t had to take it back but have definitely spent a lot more money confidently at costco!!!

  • Another great interview Jaime & Ryan. Great tips on the client retention price and the return policy tip! Definitely something to think about. Keep it up.

  • Great interview! He was really funny. Loved his customer service advice. Every interview is full of valuable information. Keep it up Jamie!

  • Excellent Podcast. I have already shared with my friend who had started the IT Support business. He is process of hiring his first employee and this is a very encouraging interview for him. Thanks Jaime for all your hard work to bring us ideas from these interesting people.


    • Thanks for sharing it!! šŸ™‚

  • I have an IT service business and we do in-home and remote support and I just opened up my first store-front so I’ll be using some of this information. Thanks for this interview…my favorite…probably because it pertains directly to what I do…

  • Fantastic interview Jamie!
    Probably one of my favourites, Ryan enthusiasm and its insights into costumer service were priceless.
    Love your work

    • Awesome to hear it was one of your favorites! I’ve heard that a lot on twitter and facebook. I’ll have to have Ryan back on! šŸ™‚

  • I listened to this podcast on the way to work this morning. After work I stopped for hair cut. While waiting my turn I witnessed poor customer service as mentioned in the podcast. A potential customer came in and wanted the haircut for $10 (price for seniors, kids and buzz cuts). They told him $13 which is price for non senior adult. The man didn’t have that much hair anyway, but the lady wouldn’t budge and stuck to $13. The man was not happy and left. They lost a customer over $3!

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