Webinar Replay: Millionaires Mind – Rate Yourself

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Did you miss the webinar for some reason on Tuesday? Were you worried you would never know how you rate? šŸ˜‰

Well worry no longer, since the replay is finally here!

You will:

  • Learn 10 Aspects of the Millionaire Mindset
  • Rate Yourself on each of those 10
  • Get solid action tips on how to improve the ones you need to work on!

Plus! Until tomorrow you can register for a two day free trial of the Academy.
You will have access to the first two skill sets. Enjoy!

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9 responses

  • This is very interesting video. I think that all people should watch it.?

  • Mindset is a good thing to start with. The wrong mindset as you said can cause you to be an unsuccessful businessperson. Always have goals on what you want to do to make money. This video is very useful and most people should watch this.?

    • ?Mindset stops you from being successful – for sure. šŸ™‚

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  • I did miss the webinar. Thanks for the replay! Goals define our direction. Hence, anyone serious in making a good sum of money from investment should have a goal.?

    Spatch Merlin
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  • Loved your webinar.I scored a 73 .I’m a newbie,just starting on a path to starting my own biz. But am avid reader of subconscious and money books.Have read books co-authored by Bob Proctor .Think n Grow rich is my bedside book.Want to make it to the Millionaire club sooner than later.Glad to come across to your blog.Waiting for your next webinar.

    • Congrats on a 73- that’s pretty good. Scores ranged from 40s-80s. šŸ™‚

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