Millionaire Warrior

You're a Millionaire Warrior!

It’s time to explode your business! 

As A Millionaire Warrior, you’re definitely off to the races, making six-figures in your business. Your business is creating gross revenue, but you’re concerned with having more time, less stress, and WAY more profit! In order to get to that Millionaire business goal, it’s time to focus on implementing success and accelerating systems in your business, hiring exceptional team members, keeping that team motivated, optimizing your marketing and sales funnels.

 You see, based on your answers, you are a:

Millionaire Warrior 

You are starting to implement systems in your business, hiring new employees and delegating tasks. However, you are not sure if you are hiring the right people and you also don’t have the infrastructure to train them well due to lack of time. 

You are working way more than you should be and trying to hold everything together. 

Your sales and marketing are pretty good, but you also know they could be better if only you had the time to tweak your processes or hire someone to do it for you! Finding someone that is reliable and that you trust is an obstacle in itself. 

So the million dollar question...what is the next level? 

Your next achievement level is Millionaire Victor. 

 But what EXACTLY is a MILLIONAIRE VICTOR and how do you get there? 

As a Millionaire Victor you have hit the 7-figure mark. Not only have you hit 7-figures, but your profits and growth are exploding exponentially. 

Your systems and process are more formal and you have rockstar team members that are helping to take the business even further, faster. 

You have taken the steps to move beyond working IN your business and are now working mostly ON your business. 

You can take a vacation easily and let your team run things and know that everything will still be running smoothly in your absence. You may be prepping for a sale or exit of your company or having the company run on it’s own and hiring a CEO in your place. 

In fact, you remind me of my good friend and client, Joey Korenman

Let me tell you why… 

Joey has a super cool and fun business where he teaches people how to do motion design. ( 

When I first met Joey he was only making about $500 a month. 

After he went through my group coaching program and mastermind group, he was making over $500,000 in the first year. 

He was able to hire a team and expand his offerings in his business. We continued to work together in the mastermind group and he leveled up again and became a Millionaire Warrior (and now is on track to do $1.2 million this year). He sells out all of his courses easily and has hired an amazing team that he can truly rely on.


Hi, I’m Jaime Masters. 

I teach small business owners how to pump profit into their bottom line without losing out on living their life and enjoying the journey along the way. 

I have been a business coach for over 9 years and have helped entrepreneurs that make $1-10 million gross revenue reach their goals. I have been featured in Success Magazine, Inc., Entrepreneur, and Inc... Just to name a few. 

I’ve also interviewed over 300 millionaires and have learned their secrets to success. But enough about me...

Now here’s why that matters to you:

Many successful entrepreneurs struggle to take that next step in business. 

They often feel that they need to be in control of everything that goes on within the business. Hiring people and implementing systems is not only time consuming, it can be scary. 

Trying to stay in control of the business is not only stressful for the business owner, but it can also be detrimental to the business. 

As the owner you need to be able to give up the reigns. This requires hiring a strong team and being able to delegate responsibilities to your team so you can focus on the big picture of the business. 

So what’s the next step?

That’s why I put together this Step-by-Step Guide on Creating Standard Operating Procedures for you. So, you can become a Millionaire Warrior. In this guide you’ll discover: 

  • How to save hundreds of hours of time creating standard operating procedures (SOPs) 
  • How exactly to create the most important ones you need (with a step-by-step template!) 
  • How to get your employees and you to stay accountable and actually use them! 

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