Millionaire Victor

You're a Millionaire Victor!

It’s time to level things up! 

You have a 7-figure business. You’ve grown it from the ground up. You know you are accomplished, but you are still dealing with so many headaches. From drama with employees, to cash-flow issues, you want more stability and predictability. 

Plus, you aren’t sure how long the current marketing will last, or what new technology is coming your way. You have to be the captain of the ship on the lookout for what issues are coming (ICEBERG!)

 Based on your answers, you are a:

Millionaire Victor

Your systems and process are way better than they have been before and you have a solid team in general that supports you. 

As the current CEO, you may not work in the daily grind of the business, but you are still involved in the daily running of the business. 

So the million dollar question...what is the next level? 

Your next achievement level is a true Millionaire. A business owner with a net worth of at least a million, not just a million dollar gross revenue. 

 But what EXACTLY is an actual MILLIONAIRE and how do you get there? 

As a Millionaire you have a million dollars plus net worth. 

You have had extreme success in your business and want to level up and go even bigger. 

As a millionaire owner you may be looking to hire a CEO to replace you in the business, sell the business for a big payday and retire, or maybe even start a new adventure. 

Different things need to be put in place if you want to remove yourself completely from the business. 

Do you think you can leave for a month or three right now without having to touch base with your business? If not, you have some leveling up to do! 


Hi, I’m Jaime Masters.

I teach small business owners how to pump profit into their bottom line without losing out on living their life and enjoying the journey along the way.

I have been a business coach for over 9 years and have helped entrepreneurs that make $1-10 million gross revenue reach their goals. I have been featured in Success Magazine, Inc., Entrepreneur, and Inc... just to name a few.

I’ve also interviewed over 300 millionaires and have learned their secrets to success. But enough about me...

In fact, you remind me of my good friend and client John Lee Dumas!

Let me tell you why…

John Lee Dumas (Founder of the brand Entrepreneur on Fire) and I went to highschool together and he had no business at all when he hired me as a coach. Now, he has been featured in Inc, and Entrepreneur magazine. He’s ahead of the curve with technology and where the newest trends are going. 

Within 3 years, John went from knowing nothing about podcasting and online business to becoming one of the top ranked business podcasts with over 500,000 unique downloads in 145 countries every month. 

John and his right-hand woman, Kate have built an incredible HUGE tribe of loyal followers and use digital marketing and systems to level up exponentially with a small team. 

His business and profits grew so much within 2 years that I even interviewed him on my show, The Eventual Millionaire, because he had over $2 million cash in the bank! 

And huge opportunities are coming to him easily because of his high profile of being such a trendsetter, high achiever in a new space. 

Now here’s why that matters to you:

If moving to the next step of Millionaire is your goal, let me help. 

I can help you move into the role of the Owner and not just the CEO holding it all together.

Why Millionaires Hire Me To Coach Them...

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and can give you insight on the issues you are currently having. And rarely is a millionaire just looking to stop growing… most are on to the next adventure, looking for the next great opportunity or wanting to learn something new and fun- or starting another business. 

I would love to hear more about your goals for your business and if there is anyway I can help you reach those goals. 

Please take a few minutes to fill out the application so I may learn more about your exact issues and we can set up a time to talk on the phone. If I can’t help you, I’ll try to recommend someone else that can! 

Just click the button below to fill out the coaching application and my team will be in touch within the next 48 hours!