Millionaire Trailblazer

You're a Millionaire Trailblazer!

It’s time to level up! 

Being a Millionaire Trailblazer, means you’ve started making some revenue from your business, but it’s inconsistent. You’re earning less than $8,300 a month, you’re looking to start increasing revenue, even out the highs and lows, expanding your markets, and create a stronger converting sales funnel. 

I soooooo get it. 

 But it seems harder than it should be.. You are still somewhat new to business so you aren’t totally sure what you’re missing or where your focus should be. As a Trailblazer, you KNOW there’s a way... but which way is up?

 You see, based on your answers, you are a:

Millionaire Trailblazer 

You are on information overload because you are trying to find solutions to your problems, but can’t seem to figure out the RIGHT direction in the sea of “how to’s” and “best practices.” You are also struggling to find time to get everything figured out and systematized. Plus, there doesn’t seem to be enough time to get everything done.

You know there has to be an easier way - but it seems like everyone talks about “fast and easy”, although none of it seems fast or easy to you. 

So the million dollar question... what is the next level? 

Your next achievement level is Millionaire Warrior. 

 But what EXACTLY is a MILLIONAIRE WARRIOR and how do you get there? 

When you are a Millionaire Warrior you are making $8300 to $83,000a month and have a solid handle on your business. 

As a Warrior you know how to make money with sales and marketing and are looking to hire more qualified go-getters to delegate work so you can step into the role of CEO. 

You are now saving time and money by creating processes and systems and having your team do the work for you. 

You are a thinking about the grand scheme of the business and working ON the business rather than IN the business, like you were as a Millionaire Trailblazer. 

In fact, you remind me of my good friend and client Jenn Grace

Let me tell you why…

Jenn has a marketing company in a very unique niche ( 

She started in my group program making around $5k a month, but still struggling to reach the next level. 

Within the first 8 weeks of the program by focusing on one core goal and leveling up her sales & prospecting, she had increased her monthly income by 40%

She joined the program AGAIN - and shortly after the second round ended she was able to secure business contracts totaling more than what she grossed the previous year combined, all in one month! 

And it was over six-figures! Talk about crushing revenue goals! 


Hi, I’m Jaime Masters. 

I teach small business owners how to pump profit into their bottom line without losing out on living their life and enjoying the journey along the way. 

I have been a business coach for over 9 years and have helped entrepreneurs that make $1-10 million gross revenue reach their goals. I have been featured in Success Magazine, Inc., Entrepreneur, and Inc... Just to name a few. 

I’ve also interviewed over 300 millionaires and have learned their secrets to success. But enough about me...

Now here’s why that matters to you:

Moving from the position of Millionaire Trailblazer to Millionaire Warrior can be scary and exciting. It may require you to move out of your comfort zone. 

Even though you are confident in your services, you may not the focus and skills you need or have a great support system for accountability.

SO what’s the next step?

That’s why I put together guide on Doubling Your Revenue so you can create rapid revenue breakthroughs by learning the TOP 3 strategies millionaires use each time they want to create fast cash, so you a move forward to become a Millionaire Warrior. In this guide you’ll discover:

  • Dominate your market by being 4x as expensive and 400x better than your competition
  • Convert more leads into PAYING customers (Hint: It has nothing to do with your marketing funnel)!
  • Attract customers who want to pay you MORE (and easier to work with)

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