Thank You and Welcome to
Millionaire Masters

Welcome - and I hope you are ready to ROCK!

I sent you an email that had all the info for getting started, but in case you missed anything, see the action items below:

  1. Watch the Welcome Video
  2. Schedule your first quarterly one-on-one call (this will be a 1 hour call) with Jaime by finding a spot here.
  3. We need two polls from you ASAP - one is for the date and time of your weekly call, and the other is for the retreat times:
  4. Join the exclusive Facebook group and post a welcome video about you and your business so you can get to know everyone!
  5. Register for the exclusive membership site
  6. Fill out the first quarter of the business evaluation. (You will fill this out each quarter as your business grows, this will help track your metrics).
  7. Lastly, I need to know the best way to coach you and what you see as huge opportunities right now - so fill out the business questionnaire.

After you have completed the business evaluation and the business questionnaire (before your first coaching call), please send these to

If you have ANY other questions or need anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask 🙂