Millionaire Links – Carnival Edition has the new Carnival of Personal Finance: Unanswered Questions Edition up today. It details the new site Cash Commons which is a great resource to have your questions answered on personal finance (or give back, and answer some).

I also am very excited because I was chosen as an editor’s pick for How I Paid Off Over $70,000 in Debt and Quit My Job. Yay!


There are some great articles this week and I’ve highlighted a few.

Budgets are Sexy – Everyone knows that saving a small amount every day can make them wealthy. But who actually does it? Read Want to Become a Millionaire? Save $5 a Day.

Eliminate the Muda – Excellent post on sacrifices outlining Jacob from Early Retirement Extreme. What Sacrifices Are You Willing to make?

Studenomics – With an interview with Trent Hamm from the Simple Dollar, this post explains a lot about Going Full Time With Your Side Business – When is it the Right Time?

Finally, I just wanted to point out another post I read recently. I love reading anything having to do with becoming a millionaire and I think this is a great mindset post.

Steve Pavlina5 Wealth Lessons From 20 Percent of a Millionaire

I even just emailed him to find out if he might do an updated post on his millionaire status.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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