Millionaire Interview: Sue Ismiel – Founder of Nad’s Hair Removal and Australian Entrepreneur of the Year

Sue Ismiel

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Sue Ismiel – Founder of Nad’s Hair Removal and Australian Entrepreneur of the Year

Sue is the creator and owner of Nad’s Hair Removal, a green goo she created in her kitchen in Australia to help her daughters. The product was named after her oldest daughter Nadine, and grew into a huge company with success all over the world. She has a great story of pursuing her passion to help her daughters and inspires others to do the same.

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5 responses

  • Enjoyed this interview. I love the entrepreneurial spirit!

  • Jaime, thanks for bringing another inspiring person to your interviews! I could be wrong, but was Sue 1st woman you interviewed?

    • Nope, I have a few under my belt (with more to come!) Joy Gendusa the owner of Postcard Mania, Vonda White who wrote Success Against the Odds, plus Amy Applebaum a success coach which came out last week. Plus I have more coming up in the next few weeks. I know it was requested a few times on the iTunes reviews to interview more women, so I’m working hard to deliver! Glad you enjoyed it Irina!

  • Jaime, Thank you for this super inspiring story!! Loved it!

  • Thank you, Jaime and Sue for this motivational and inspiring interview. Very well presented. Interviews like this keep dreams alive.

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