Millionaire Interview: Amos Winbush III

Amos Winbush

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Amos Winbush III – Owner of CyberSynchs, LLC and Inc Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30

In this interview Amos Winbush III tells his story of being a singer/songwriter and having an idea for a company. He started CyberSynchs with $100 and has grown it to a multimillion dollar global brand in two years. He gives great advice on facing rejection, taking risks, and how he grew CyberSynchs so quickly.

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5 responses

  • I just found your site. It’s great to hear first person stories about millionaires. How do you find the people and companies to interview?

  • What’s up, Jaime!

    First, I’m LOVING the new podcast!
    (The intro is dope.) šŸ™‚

    This is a fascinating story. 13,000 customers in 2 weeks?
    Amazing. PARTICULARLY for a singer/songwriter.. gives new meaning to the concept of “Starving Artist”.

    [innovations stems from necessity]

    There’s a lot to be said for growing a million-dollar company from scratch, with no industry experience, in a so-called recession.

    “I did some research to find out what software engineers actually were.”


    Way to go finding and telling this story, Jaime!


  • Something tells me this guy is a fraud. For an app with so many users, why is there not a single review on Android or iPhone? Hmm..right..!

  • I must say the possibility of success is available for all that will not accept no for an answer..

    I am grateful for the skeptics as well as those that applaud the success of CyberSynchs and the team.

    To address Jay K directly. It is my pleasure to respond to your doubtful comment with knowledge. CyberSynchs in late 2009 early 2010 decided to expand our business model from Business to Consumer with adding a Business to Business licensing model. With that said we worked hard to partner with major telco’s in emerging markets across Africa and Latin America to license our platform to each firm as a default service which placed Cybersynchs technology into every data plan and prepaid plan the telco sold to their subscribers. This pivot allowed CyberSynchs to licesne our platform to four major telco’s across 40 plus countries around the world and to date support well over 255 million users worldwide actively utilizing our syching platform.

    As you may know or may not know the smart phone industry does not have a large market share in emerging markets. Markets across Africa and Latin America are populated by Java, Symbian, BlackBerry and brew supported devices all of which we support. All of which allowed us to gain a large number of subscribers as we are addressing the underserved and ignored market share that need and love technology as well.. The US market and other developed markets are focused on iPhone and Android.. Nothing wrong with the US marke supporting those devices which we support as well we just don’t count of that market to award us large numbers. I made a business decision to expand into markets that other technology entrepreneurs were ignoring and I’m grateful the pivot worked well for my firm…

    I would encourage other entrepreneurs to expand their business reach outside of their boarders as well as focus on building utility technologies that can be used and loved worldwide, not just within their home countries.

    • Thanks Amos, for coming on the show to teach us something. I learned to simply, not overthink things. I appreciate everything you took the time to share!

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