Million Dollar Micro Business with Tina Tower

Tina Tower is a 7-figure-earning business strategy coach and mentor, author of the book her newest book Million Dollar Micro Business and host of the ‘Her Empire Builder’ podcast. She is dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs all across the world scale their businesses, step into their light and build a life they love. She has even set a personal goal of getting 25 other women to the $1M revenue mark by 2025.

Australia-based Tina is a sought-after speaker on entrepreneurship and productivity, and has collected many accolades over the years; including the Australian Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year, and being named the ‘Entrepreneur-in-Residence” for Australia’s largest business women’s group, Business Chicks. Tina resides in Sydney with her husband and two boys.

“Know where your boundaries are to say “yes” and “no” to things. At the beginning of business, there’s so much that I said “yes” to that I wouldn’t say “yes” to now because you’re just tapped out with energy.” – Tina Tower

Episode Highlights:

  • Learn how to Tina scaled her business without using Facebook Ads or any paid ads
  • How to take your relationship with your leads to the next level
  • The boundary in sharing your personal life in your social media platform
  • How to deal with cyberstalking (Concerning you and your family’s security)
  • Tips in working with your partner in your business
  • Check out her new book, Million Dollar Micro Business



One Life: How to Have the Life of Your Dreams
Million Dollar Micro Business

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