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Even millionaires need accountability and support. But sometimes it can be hard to find within your own friends and family.

Here is the solution, the mastermind groups are all Eventual Millionaires working together to help each other quit their day jobs, or take their businesses to the next level.


We would love to have you join us!


Here are the details:


The mastermind meets twice per month. You will receive a specific number to call in on. The date and time is to be determined by the group but normally will meet in the evening on a weekday.

The mastermind has a specific format with a hot seat.


:00 to :15 Wins, Quick questions, and accountability on your goals

:15 to :50? Hot seat (Member 1, Member 2)

:50 to :00 Resources and? Action Items (for upcoming week to be accountable on)


Each meeting there will be one or two members in the hot seat that gain valuable feedback about the issues they are going through right now. The group format allows you to see that you are not alone. So many of your peers are going through similar things. You’ll even create friendships that can help you personally and professionally!


Check out some of the testimonials from mastermind members:

Jaime quickly took me by the hand long enough to steady my balance and provide me tactical support and instruction designed to allow me through introspection to identify the bottlenecks not only in my existing business model but within myself as well. Once you recognize these roadblocks, addressing and defeating your fears while moving your vision forward incrementally, you greatly enhance your chances of success while keeping you on course and focused.” – Bud Heng Compass Investments LLC


Before when I hit a bump in the road I would run or quit, now I have a group to help me get past those bumps, and I have learned to accept the fear and get the job done anyway.” – Shirley Megan Doner

Payment details:

$79 monthly for 3 months (you can choose to continue at that time if you like, but you will not be charged automatically)