Mastering Entrepreneurship With Sol Orwell

Entrepreneur and business developer, most known for his work as the co-founder of – Sol Orwell

Here’s what you’ll learn from Sol about Mastering Entrepreneurship:

– Why you must narrow your focus when selecting your niche? and the dangers of spreading too wide.
– The truth about 80/20 and why most people get it wrong.
– How to “trick” yourself into talking to prospects when you’re an ultra introvert.
– Once you know your niche THIS is how you find all the prospects.
– Discover the TWO most underestimated ways of getting customers that work like gangbusters since the dawn of internet!
– The only surefire way of knowing what your prospects? real problems are is when they do THIS while they’re talking about them.
– Why you don’t have to be a “networking genius” to build an amazing network of people.

Tune in and listen: Mastering Entrepreneurship With Sol Orwell

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4 responses

  • Thanks Jaime for hosting this show and thanks Sol for so much valuable advice!
    My mind has been shifted from just making money alone to defining super clearly what problem my customers have and solving it.
    And I love this quote: “I?m a big fan of solving my own problem. I am the niche.”

    Looking forward to watching another great interview like this.

    P.S. This comment is a practice of the habit you recommended in the end, Sol šŸ™‚
    Will develop that habit everyday.

  • thanks for this wonderful video. it was great time investment watching this and learning meanwhile. all the tips are great.

  • Jamie, I have been hearing your podcast since last year and I have learned so many things with most of them; but this one is ?the one? that liked me most, it has been for me so good that I have replayed it 3 times! Your podcast has helped me to focus and keep my energy high to continue my way on the Entrepreneurship endeavor. I feel so identified with the majority of the Sol Owner has said, the first thing is that I?m also have started the entrepreneurship career to be free, having my freedom! And he, like me, is an immigrant that came from other country to USA-Houston? but I would like to mention that the big advise that I got today, and I?m starting applying here and now, is to develop the culture to write a note and thank to the writer -in this case to the podcast ? – when I have come across to something interesting and from which I have learnt something new. So Thank You Jamie and Sol to share all this information and wonderful interview with us!

  • Hi there
    I’m learning so much from your podcast

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