Marriage, Money, And Entrepreneurship With Daniel & Dani Stringer

Marriedpreneurs, authors, and speakers who have founded a multi-million dollar healthcare organization and a children’s health blog ( bringing in over 1.5 million readers – Daniel & Dani Stringer

Here’s what you’ll learn about Marriage, Money, And Entrepreneurship:

– How to turn your personality differences into benefits, making your business soar!

– Why you should consider going into business with your spouse. (The real benefits might surprise you!)

– Handling the “what if it fails?” concern. (And how to make working with your spouse a “smooth sail”!)

– The #1 “trick” to prevent OR resolve any serious conflict.

– The “Let’s-Not-Talk-About-Kids” strategy to keep your personal (and business) relationship healthy and happy. (Dani swears by it!)

– The biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make when it comes to their emotional health. (It’s the MAIN reason why relationships fail.)

– What is a “relationship bank account” and why you MUST create one to be successful. – Marriage, Money, and Entrepreneurship – Daniel and Dani’s Private Facebook Group – Total Care Connections gets you the home care you need from certified caregivers or CNAs in the Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Tucson area. Assisted living, hospice & memory care. – Raising Healthy Children and Even Happier Parents

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  • Thanks Jamie! Really resonated with this interview. My wife and I were a part of one of your groups about a year ago and appreciated it, but this is exactly what we do (Marriedpreneurs) and what we are about…Relationships!

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