Making Trading Simple with Rosetta Bryson

Rosetta Bryson, the founder and CEO of Simple Trader Pro, the largest Black-owned financial technology company in America, delights in decoding what is often experienced by many people as an inaccessible system. Rosetta is leading the charge in expanding and diversifying the FinTech space, a field where few Black founders exist, and her simple tools show investors how to navigate landmines with confidence and ease.

“If you level the trading field, you level every field.” – Rosetta Bryson

Episode Highlights:

  • Rosetta’s catalyst to her trade journey (How she founded Simple Trader Pro)
  • How Simple Trader Pro helps people of color build wealth
  • Simple Trader Pro’s Z School (A philanthropic enterprise on the mission to educate generation Z s on how to trade)
  • How opportunities Simple Trader Pro is opening up to more people in the trading world are rippling out beyond Wall Street


Simple Trader Pro

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  • Thank you for this episode, Jaime! New subscriber here! Rosetta is inspirational just like you. Hoping we can have more episodes on trading and episodes on delegation and scaling.

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