Making Millionaire Choices with Tony Bradshaw

Author and Founder of The Millionaire Choice – Tony Bradshaw

Tony Bradshaw is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. Tony was 25 years old when he realized he had grown up in a financial mess. He was headed in the same direction as his parents. At that time, he began learning about money and put together a plan to become a millionaire by age 40.

During his journey, Tony realized his own message and vision for helping people with their money. The Millionaire Choice was created with the vision to help anyone become a millionaire no matter their income, ethnicity, or financial situation. Tony aspires to create a movement of financially educated and wealthy people who will make it their mission to fight poverty and help those in need across America and the world.

“Learn how to sell. You can’t neglect the sales. Focus on sales and become a better salesman.” – Tony Bradshaw

Episode Highlights:

  • Breaking the family cycle of financial mismanagement
  • Retirement vs. freedom to live your life
  • How to instill ambition and financial responsibility in your children
  • Learn whether you are emotionally or logically driven towards your money
  • The fast way to get out of debt
  • The 4 Categories of Money

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The Millionaire Choice

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  • Good show, Jaime.
    You are a good interviewer, and can bring out the good stuff!
    Tony is a dynamic guy, with a good heart, and so ambitious!

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