Launching a Product with Crazy Competition and a Drug Problem With Mike Lindell

Inventor, Manufacturer, and CEO of MyPillow, Inc. – Mike Lindell

Mike LindellMike is the inventor of My Pillow a revolutionary new pillow. He spent years working on it, in the face of extreme adversity. For years he traveled to festivals just barely making enough to get by. Not only that he had a severe drug problem. Plus he was in an industry with a TON of competition. How did he get past all of that? Listen in now!

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10 responses

  • Hi Jaime,

    Before anyone tries out these pillows make sure they check out the customer reviews on Amazon.

  • What a powerful interview, Jaime! I love his perspective about having the passion to override the fear versus taking the easy path…which so many people do. What an inspiring story. Keep doing what you’re doing, Jaime! šŸ™‚

  • I enjoy a good rags to riches inspirational story. However in this case it was from rags to riches to rags to riches to rags to riches, etc…

    He had a challenging life and it’s inspiring to know that he succeeded through all his personal challenges.

  • I really like his viewpoint about having the interest to bypass the worry compared to getting the simple path?which so many individuals do. What an motivating tale. Thanks for sharing.

  • A great interview Jaime. I was quite intrigued by the story and looked up Mike’s website. In the mean time I have ordered two pillows to be sent to Europe!

  • LOVED this episode. Am now obsessed with pillows. Who knew they could change someone’s life? Many people’s lives. Including your guest. Great story, great listen. Thank you!

  • God damn. This guy is so inspiring. From now on as soon as the quit monster creep up I’m popping this back on. Wow.

  • Awesome interview! Thanks for sharing.

  • This was one of my favorite interviews ever. I have bought 10 of his pillows and many other things. I just got to meet Mike tonight while randomly going to the same event in Minnesota at a local High School.

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