Coaching Session with Lain #9: Getting Outside My Little Bubble

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Lain Ehmann

“Getting outside my little bubble…”

Now that I have a pretty regular clientele, I want to expand (of course!). And to find more great clients, it’s good to look at where my current great clients are coming from? REFERRALS! Today we talk about how to expand my circle so I can get a steady stream of regular perfect referrals.



We start out talking about one of the challenges of service-based businesses: Getting commitments from clients so you can allocate resources. This can be such a pain – like when someone says “I’m definitely in!” and then goes “radio silence” on you (I’ve had that happen several times lately and it STINKS. I was about to add a team member specifically to help with a certain account? which never materialized. Lesson: It’s not a done deal until the money’s in the bank!

We also dive into referrals and networking, and how I can reach out to higher-level people who could be referral partners, and do so in a value-driven and authentic way. Lots of gold this week!


Topics Covered

  • Dealing with disappearing leads
  • One big way to avoid having to chase people for money
  • How to connect with influencers on an even level and not as a “fan”
  • My focuses for July and August

Action Items

  • List the systems that we want to create this month, and make sure I’m prioritizing them
  • Reach out to all of my previous clients to see if I can do an upsell or sell them again
  • Make a list of current lead magnets
  • Test three online lead generation/list building tactics to focus on in August
  • Make a list of where my ideal clients might find me

In Reflection

Oh my gosh, it’s good I went back over this session because I had FORGOTTEN about some of these action items! Ack! I’d been focusing on connecting with past clients and servicing existing clients and completely forgot about the other stuff. Let this be a lesson to you: Write down EVERYTHING Jaime tells you to do? and do it. šŸ™‚

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