Coaching Session With Lain: Selling Like A Pro

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The easiest way to come up with your premium pricing without pulling numbers out of thin air. How to create”urgency” for clients that are late to reply. How to set up your personal network of prospects to never ever have a “dry season” again. How to know where the real pain is before you go on a sales call. Why sending out proposals is killing your sales and what to do instead.

We’re back!


And we’re talking about packages and pricing again? plus some other great stuff. Thanks so much for the comments and emails – Jaime and I both love hearing how much you’re enjoying this series. I’m loving it, too!


Pricing and packages, oh my — I wish I only offered two different things. But because I basically create a custom solution for each client, I spend A LOT of time tweaking and adding and revising. I’d really, really like to reduce it as it’s uncompensated time — and I think it will make it easier for people to refer me and understand what I do if I limit my offerings.

We dive into the P&P discussion a bit more, and then we also get into the topic of prospecting and sales — how to actually conduct a sales call.

We also discuss the need to ALWAYS be prospecting. It’s not something I can do one month on, one month off. I need to have a consistent flow of leads so I can predict my revenue and stay in high demand (which leads to higher price points). Jaime also helped me by suggesting a schedule for


Topics Covered

  • Sales — prospecting AND the actual sales call
  • More on pricing and packages (customizing vs. having “buckets”)
  • Making consistent time for prospecting so the funnel is full
  • Networking

Action Items

  • Listen to Sandler sales info
  • Send Jaime my prospecting list
  • Look at scheduling out my week so I have time set aside for prospecting
  • Goals: 10 referrals and 10 networking calls


In Reflection

Looking back at this call from two months ago, the thing that made the biggest difference was tracking my prospecting and the results. After doing this for a couple of months, it’s easy to see patterns — like people who consistently refer ideal (or close to ideal) clients, and the amount of time it takes between initial contact and accepted proposal.

That Jaime is one smart cookie!

See you next time?

Thanks so much for listening!

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  • I love these sessions! Lain is amazing and I’m glad I found her via your podcast. Thanks for what you do!

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