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How to “price anchor” your packages so people opt-in for the one you want most. Ways to “convince” your clients to stay with you on a retainer. How to figure out characteristics of your ideal client based on people you’ve done business in the past. Why you should stop selling yourself as a “technician” and how to properly position yourself as an expert with higher value.

Hey! It’s Lain again.

It’s been a super-busy couple of months, and it’s so fun to look back on this coaching session. (A few people have asked me if I watch the sessions afterwards – NO! Way too embarrassing. But I do read the transcripts? there’s gold in there!) šŸ™‚


This was our second coaching session, and Jaime really put me on the spot with regard to reaching out to previous clients to ask for testimonials and referrals. That has historically been difficult for me, as I feel like I’m bugging people to tell me they like my work. But I do realize how critical it is.

Right now, 90-plus percent of my work comes from referrals from clients. So I need to beef up that channel to make sure I’ve got a steady stream coming in! And I absolutely love the idea of tracking who refers whom – not just to say “Thanks,” but also because I can see who knows my ideal clients.

One other big goal is to quote more multi-month packages, rather than quoting each segment of my work separately. This will do a couple things: First, give me more “bang” for each client and two, let me lay out my work in the context of a whole package, rather than just a single deliverable. It’s kind of an “upsell,” which lets people see how I can create more impact for them.

Topics Covered

  • Packages and pricing – how to turn my “custom” solutions into packages so we can at least start from SOMEWHERE when I talk to prospects
  • Pitching multiple-month packages rather than single projects
  • Referrals — tracking and asking!


Action Items

  • Start proposing multi-month packages rather than single projects
  • Get those outstanding referrals and testimonials from last month
  • Create a profile of each of five ideal clients: Who they are, what I did for them, and what the results were.
  • Get one new client in the next two weeks!


In Reflection?

I loved looking back at this session, because just by moving to a multi-month model has had a HUGE impact on my revenue! I’ve also reached out to people and received some great testimonials. (Although I will admit I haven’t posted them on my website yet – bad Lain!).

The packages are still a little sketchy as each of my clients seems to want/need something totally different? but I hope that over time I’ll start seeing more and more similarities, and honing in on what I enjoy doing most, and what brings the most value to my clients.

Thanks for listening!


Thanks so much for listening!

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