Coaching Session With Lain #11: Back to Basics…

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Lain Ehmann

“Back to Basics”

My focus for July was PROCESSES. This is not an easy topic for me because I HATE slowing down long enough to document stuff. BUT? I know it’s critical to my growth as an entrepreneur. So I dedicated myself to making it happen.


We hit hard on how to create a process for creating processes (that’s pretty meta, eh?). Jaime’s challenging me to make it a regular part of my schedule, rather than trying to create them all at once. We look at how to gather info from my existing clients to locate future “ideal” prospects, and other potential lead generation activities.

Topics Covered

  • What systems and processes to start on
  • How to interview my clients to figure out where my “ideal” prospects will be hanging out, and how to locate them
  • Marketing efforts I’m undertaking and testing for August
  • How to “build a rope” with potential leads

Action Items

  • Outline what systems you will do each month until the end of the year
  • Follow up with more previous clients (on-going)
  • Make a list of assets and lead magnets to start using on the site
  • Talk to 3-5 ideal clients on how THEY would find someone like me
  • Implement referral partner reach out strategy (quote them in 3 of the articles for August and start building relationships)

In Reflection?

I definitely feel like my lack of systems and processes is holding me up. I want to grow, but to do so, I MUST have processes! I guess, like a lot of entrepreneurs, I don’t like to do things repeatedly – which means I end up re-creating the wheel every time. This is an area in which I just need to bite the bullet and get moving.

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