Coaching Session With Lain #10: One and Done…

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Lain Ehmann

“One and Done…”

My big takeaway from this session is: MAKE DECISIONS ONCE. That is a refrain Jaime has hammered into me time and time again. As I have more proposals, more clients, more opportunities, I need to buckle down and do it. No more spending precious brain energy dealing with the same things over and over again!



We start out discussing my disappearing clients and how to put limitations on my proposals without alienating them or making them feel like I’m using high-pressure tactics. We then segue into networking and what to do when my outreach is *gasp* ignored.

We also dive into project management, lead generation, and more!

Topics Covered

  • How to handle leads who don’t immediately want to commit
  • How to handle outreach when people don’t get back to me when I’m attempting to connect with them.
  • Working with a PM
  • Setting themes for the months: July is systems and processes, August is testing marketing channels.
  • How to leverage the articles I’m writing for traffic.


Action Items

  • Find three things to test in August
  • Make a list of processes for my PM to start tackling
  • Implement PayPal invoicing for clients with retainers so I don’t have to track them down


In Reflection:

I feel like I’ve hit a critical level in my business – a kind of tipping point between referrals + repeat clients and outbound marketing. I can feel myself moving in the direction of having to do less outbound marketing.


It’s an exciting and new shift. Up to this point I’ve just been taking all-comers. Now I have the opportunity to hone in on my ideal client profile and I need to take it. I can’t shy away from it “ust because it feels different and scary.”


Up until now I’ve been operating from the point of view of, “I LOVE EVERYONE! I WANT TO WORK WITH EVERYONE! I CAN HELP EVERYONE!” That might be true? but I really need to hammer down on those who I can help the best.


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