90 Minutes To Your Personal Millionaire Path

If you’ve listened to the Eventual Millionaire Podcast, you have a goal. A goal of financial freedom through business. You have a clear vision of success, have an action plan, and know what you need to do every day to reach your goal, right?

But are you actually doing the work? Or do you find yourself stuck and putting off things you know are essential to success? Each week I get the best advice from the best business owners I can find. They give amazing tips, tricks and stories.

If you are only listening and not acting, you will not succeed.

That doesn’t sound cool does it?

You know it’s true though. It takes the right actions to have success.

But you are just too busy running your business so you put off implementing your true success plan.

Go ahead. Be too busy. But recognize that if your “busy-ness” isn’t leading you toward your goal, you are just chasing your tail. You’ll find yourself working hard but not getting anywhere. Is that what you really want? My guess is no.

Introducing the JumpStart Intensive

That’s where JumpStart Intensive comes in. JumpStart Intensive encapsulates all the advice from the millionaires featured on Eventual Millionaire into a 60-minute one on one session. But advice alone isn’t enough. After all, you’ve probably heard a lot of it before. JumpStart Intensive is different because you won’t do it alone.

Alone, you may be overwhelmed and unsure of the correct path. But with my help, personal coaching, and 30-minute follow up session, you will clarify your vision and goals. Most importantly, you will get into action!

After JumpStart Intensive you won’t:

  • Waste your time doing things that don’t help your bottom line

  • Waste your energy on decisions that have clear answers

  • Gather data and measurements and not do anything with them

When Your Dream Is Big, An Extra Hand Is Needed

Together we can get you on a smoother path to success. With follow up and support, you will actually put focus on something that is so important. . .your dream.

Huge Savings For the First 10 Business Owners

Who wants to pay full price? Pretty much no one, so be one of the first 10 people to sign up. You can save 30%!

Price $397 $277