Investing With Purpose With Mark Aardsma

Entrepreneur and investor – Mark Aardsma

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Here’s what you’ll learn from Mark about Investing With Purpose:

– Why it’s important to have congruent beliefs right from the start. (Even if you’re NOT making any real money yet.)
– How to get clear on your true values.
– How simple journaling can be the best “tool” for your reflective process? and the beneficial effect it can have on your brain.
– The “trick” to becoming a better leader when your analytical and engineering-oriented brain gets in the way.
– The simple “secret” to finding trusted mentors.
– How to figure out your true key differentiator even if you have no idea where to start.

Tune in and listen: Investing With Purpose With Mark Aardsma

Mark’s Website: – The All Who Aspire Campaign

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