I Must Do the Thing I Think I Cannot Do

In life, we are made up of our actions. The actions you choose make up the experiences you have. When you think back over your life, the ideas you have, the thoughts you have had, are all based on the actions you have taken (or not taken) during your life. So if we keep just taking action we can live an amazing life, right?

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”? -Eleanor Roosevelt

The important actions aren’t easy. They are hard because of our fears. No one is without them. Do we choose our fears? How is it that we come to have these specific ones? In Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote she specifically says, the things YOU THINK you cannot do.

These things are based on your fears and beliefs about yourself. You may think someone else can do it, but not you. Why?

Facing those fears, and challenging those beliefs, no matter how scary, is what makes an amazing life. I believe that conquering those fears and changing those beliefs are why we are here. If something seems scary, too hard, or impossible, there is a reason why you think that. The reason is that you were meant to overcome it.

How powerful would you feel, if you conquered something that seemed impossible? What would your life be like if you knew that whatever task you set out to do could be completed, by you?

When I work with clients I see it often. When I suggest something that seems scary, I can see the resistance in their face, and I can hear it in their voice. They may act like the suggestion is not worth doing, or come up with excuses as to why it wouldn’t work or they couldn’t do it.

They are capable but not willing. We need to push past the unwillingness. But you know what is funny?

It’s so easy for me to say that. When I am on the other side, when I don’t have to do the work, it’s easy. Saying, You must do the one thing you think you cannot do” is easy.

On the other hand when I have to face my fears, I do the same thing. I resist. Saying, ā€œI must do the thing I think I cannot do is different. It feels different to say aloud. It makes me responsible.

But you know what helps? Have someone else that can look at your situation and think it’s easy. Because sometimes it is easy. Have someone tell you that you are capable, because you are. Have someone tell you that even if you fail, that’s ok. Because eventually you will believe it too.

Today think of one of those fears. Are you capable? How can you be willing?

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11 responses

  • You wrote a post about my philosophy. I admit I am obsessed with pushing myself to do the “scary.” The challenge is so rewarding. Thanks for tackling one of my favorite topics so well.

    • That’s impressive. What allows you to do it so much? Do you just know that the end reward will be worth it, or is there something more?
      And thanks for the feedback. It made my day. šŸ™‚

  • This is great. I had a fear of heights and I had decided to go sky diving of all things and take that fear head on. After I did my fear of heights had gone away. I think people can use this same approach when it comes to debt. I know many borrowers who are afraid to call their creditors if they need help making their payments. I don’t know why this is, but I guarantee they would feel better knowing if they can get help or not. All they can say is no. If you don’t at least ask, you’ll never know. It’s post’s like these that can help people go for what they really want in life. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Wow you seriously got rid of your fear by sky diving? That is awesome! You always hear to face your fears, but I never hear the results of it. What a great story you have.
      And thank you soo much. Inspiration is such an amazing thing, and I’m so happy that I can spread some around šŸ™‚

  • Excellent message. To be honest, I am not often presented with challenges, or maybe I am and I just don’t realize it. Maybe my challenge is to change something about my relationship with my girlfriend, or devote more time to my blog, or something else that does not involve my work.

    This post reminds me of “Yes man”. After I saw that movie, I tried to practice the message it gave. It went well at first, but after a while it just became tiring! I need my downtime!

    • Yay your message came through and didn’t go to spam.

      Nothing is scary? Hm, is that because you are superman or aren’t taking many risks? Because if you are superman, teach me!

      I still need to see that movie. I can imagine saying yes to everything would be tiring! Maybe we should only say yes to the scary stuff and no to everything else. šŸ™‚

  • What a great quote! Great to just go out there and do it and not just talk about doing things. Having a great partner definitely helps too.



    • Easier said than done right? It’s funny because blog posts are just ‘talking’ about doing things. We all have to make sure we are backing them up with doing!
      I agree on the partner part too!

  • Great post for us artists, thank you for posting it! Cheers!

  • I recently saw this quote two other times, and today I read it on your blog. Three times makes a charm so I suppose there is a message in it for me. Typically, I face my fears head on…I like to confront and conquer. Lately though it seems I’ve been a bit lackadaisical with new challenges. Thank you, Jaime, for this article, I needed to hear this message to get me back on track!

    • Your welcome Luci! I love being part of a message. šŸ™‚

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