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How to Increase Cash Flow
and Decrease Time Spent in Your Business

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Want to start running your business
(instead of letting your business run you)?

Frustrated with working long hours without your bottom line budging?

Feeling stuck in a time-sucking cycle with no results?

Tired of watching those with less talent make more money than you?

Want to skip ahead to the part where your business works
FOR you and gives you more free time to enjoy family and life?

Then it's good we met.

Hi, I'm Jaime Tardy
Author of Eventual Millionaire
and a professional business coach
who is known for getting
rock solid results.

I teach small business owners how to pump profit into their bottom line without losing out on living their life and enjoying the journey along the way.

And that’s why I created Millionaire Hustlers.


Sound too good to be true?

Ask Joey ... or Kaly ... or Jason.

Joey Korenman

My monthly revenue prior to Millionaire Hustlers was $500. After? $10,000. I think my revenue growth speaks for itself but Jaime and Kendra are both so good at drilling down and helping aspiring entrepreneurs like myself! I learned SO much and really got the kick in the pants that I needed!

Joey Korenman
Jason Cannon

In just 90 days Millionaire Hustlers took my biz from making $9,872 a month to over 20K. The clarity, focus, and accountability I found in the program were CRUCIAL to being able to double biz. Every week, I had to evaluate and report in on my efforts and progress. I also felt incredibly inspired by the community aspect of the program. Watching fellow Hustlers chase their goals, hit them, and share their wins inspired me to keep hustling too! I'm so glad I joined... it was an awesome experience for me (and my biz).

Jason Cannon
Kaly McKenna

In the first 6 weeks of the Millionaire Hustlers program I increased my monthly income from $600 per month to $10,000 per month...that's a 16x increase in just 6 weeks! While I had been in business for three months with a highly successful podcast, Millionaire Hustlers helped me see I wasn’t spending the majority of my time on efforts that were directly contributing to my income. I shifted my focus to efforts that were already making me money and everything took off! I've had to increase my #1 income goal in Hustlers because I still have 6 weeks left to go!

Kaly McKenna

See, I've been through your struggle myself.

I worked in a corporate job
that gave me a decent wage but left me unfulfilled.
I wanted freedom. I wanted life on my own terms.

And then I started my own business and found myself COMPLETELY in over my head.  

So I looked to the experts to find out not only what they did -- but how I could follow in their footsteps
and see the same results.  

This led me to interviewing over 200 real-world millionaires.

This program is built on tested and proven strategies I’ve learned from 7 figure business owners and the same principles I teach my high-end coaching clients.

I know you’re aching to quit chasing tactics and tired of feeling two steps behind in your business.

TRUST ME, it's frustrating forging your own path. Just because you went into business on your own doesn’t mean you have to BE alone when trying to figure it out!

I KNOW Millionaire Hustlers will help you.
This same strategy has already worked for many others.

Millionaire Hustlers is a 90 day program with 9 weekly lessons
that answer the biggest burning questions in business, such as:

  • How to spend less time on mundane tasks in your business
  • How to build a team you trust and feel confident delegating to
  • How to determine your perfect customer and find more of them
  • How to position yourself as a thought leader in your field and rise above the competition
  • How to create an endless stream of customers
  • How to become a MASTER closer with killer closing techniques
  • How to STOP throwing away piles of money on shotgun marketing (and how to pick a winning strategy before buying into it!)

I will teach you key secrets and shifts you can make to get
millionaire results, like: 

  • The #1 thing most Successful People and Athletes do daily to win
  • The 6 daily actions to take to see big results instantly
  • 3 Things NOT To Do: Ways to Kill a Future Sale – 100% of the Time

Here's What You Get:

Week 1: Become the Most Productive, Efficient Person You Know!

  • Learn Time Hacks from Successful Millionaires
  • Learn How to Get Into Your Daily Groove and Become Twice as Productive in a Fraction of the Time
  • Find the Time to work ON your business, not just in it!
  • Discover the Art of Delegating (What You Should Never Do, How to Turn it Over, and Make Sure it Gets Done)

Week 2: How To Think, Dream and Visualize Your Success
(Like Every Millionaire Does)

  • Learn the “Science of Visualization” (Why and How it Actually Works)
  • Why the Most Successful People and Athletes Use This Daily to Win
  • How to Visualize Your Own Millionaire Success
  • Using Millionaire Visioning Techniques to Stay on Track with Enthusiasm and Momentum

Week 3: Your Crash ­Course On How Millionaires Set Goals
and Stay Uber Focused

  • Learn the Secrets to Goal Setting that Support You in Hitting Your BIG Goal
  • How to Combat Entrepreneurial ADD
  • How to Create Your Very Own Millionaire Goal Setting Plan
  • How These Tiny Daily Actions and Habits Can Create Big Wins

Week 4: Find the People That Will Actually Buy Your
Products and Services!

  • How to Find Your perfect Customer or Client (and Eliminate Your Nightmare Clients!)
  • Fast Tricks to Learning Everything You Want to Know About How Your Customers Think, What They Buy, and What They Want
  • How to Create an Endless Stream of Customers By Being Crystal Clear

Week 5: How Millionaires Separate Themselves in a
Crowded Market 

  • Learn the Secrets to Crushing It and Dominating Your Market
  • How to Become THE Go-To Expert in Your Field
  • The Secrets to Killer Brands
  • How to Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors

Week 6: Insiders Secrets to Prospecting and Enrolling Your Ideal Clients and Customers with Ease 

  • How to Simplify Your Prospecting Process
  • 3 Things That Will Kill a Future Sale – 100% of the Time
  • How to Get People Ravenous for Your Products Before You Even Sell!
  • Millionaire Marketing Techniques

Week 7: Create Your Own Sales Machine

  • Secret Sales Strategies From Millionaires
  • How to Be a Friend, Find the Pain and Negotiate the Money
  • Killer Closing Techniques
  • How to Get Your Clients to THANK You for Selling to Them!

Week 8: How To Never Run Out of Buyers

  • Weekly List-Building Strategies
  • Best Practices on How to Create a Giveaway and Double Your Leads
  • Creating a No-Brainer Lead Magnet
  • Optimizing Your Site (or LeadPage) for More Leads!

Week 9: Get Laser­ Focused, Stop Asking “What Do I Do Next?” And Set Up A Marketing System That Gives You Clients on Auto­pilot

  • Avoid “Shotgun” Marketing and Learn How to Know if Something will Work Before You Spend (Throw Away) a Bunch of Money
  • How to Prioritize the Best Marketing Strategies for YOUR Business
  • Learn the Secrets to Testing Your Market and Figure Out What Works Best
  • Get Your Ultimate Marketing System Action Plan and Keep Your Marketing Efforts Organized and On-Target

And I’ve built in proven elements to ensure success, such as:


    An instant incredible peer group of like minded business owners who are talented and committed to moving their businesses forward (this is one of the most important things I ever did for my own biz!)


    Weekly accountability and action items (to make sure you are actually moving your business forward and not just passively participating in the program)


    Access to ask me any questions you want about your business, balancing life and family with business, podcasting, or anything you want!

Join Hustlers Now
Rashida B.

I’m leaving this program feeling like a BOSS. Seriously, I’ve always had these BIG goals and no real way to take consistent action on them. Between being a mom, clients, design school and just life I don’t have a lot of time to do things, therefore learning to maximize my time is key.

My mindset has changed. My business has changed. Selling has become a sport for me. I'm no longer afraid of it. Hustlers taught me how to do it with finesse. I thank you and my pocketbook thanks you! Going from 2 almost 7k may not make headlines for some but for me, being stuck at that 2 for over a year, this is a big deal.

Beyond the lessons and the much appreciated butt kicking, was the caring. I truly feel like you ladies care about my business and my success. You give a ton. Just the time and effort put into reading my “novels” and providing thoughtful responses meant the world to me. I’m looking forward to tripling my income again with you this fall after I’ve had some time to catch up with my studies. (I’ll definitely be hustling in the interim.)

You’ll be hard pressed to get rid of me at this point, I’m a Hustler for life.

Rashida B.
Kristen Fryer

In two weeks I went from making $450/week to making $930 this week! Hustlers has really helped me focus on my sales and taking action on ideas that I have and I believe will pay off. I have added 2 products to my biz that will produce passive income for me. I still have a long way to go to reach my goal of $10,000/month but I believe I can get there sooner than I think.

Kristen Fryer
Mary Kathryn

Millionaire Hustlers helped me to land more clients, and make more money in the first 30 days of the program than all the previous months of 2014 COMBINED!

Mary Kathryn

And I totally get it. 

As a small business owner, it DEFINITELY doesn’t feel like money is growing on trees!

You don’t have the luxury to throw dollars into a program in the HOPES that it pays off
(the way it did for Joey, Rashida, Kristen, and Mary Kathryn).

That’s why I offer a money-back guarantee.

My Money-Back Promise To You

Try Millionaire Hustlers with confidence! If you don’t find that it’s worth your investment in the first 30 days, and you show that you’ve done the work,  I’ll  give you a full refund!

When I started as a business coach, my mission was to help small business owners.
And that’s why I created Millionaire Hustlers.

Here’s what you’ll get in Millionaire Hustlers:

…but instead I’m offering Millionaire Hustlers for a price that a small business owner can afford!

Join Hustlers Now

Pay in Full $1197 (save $153)

3 Payments of $450

I know you want to see results (and revenue) in your business.

And if you’re ready to put in the work, I’m ready to help you finally have the business you set out to create from the start.



Join Now and Get:

  • Immediate access to a membership site loaded with 9 weeks of killer content
  • 12 Open Q&A every Monday at 8:30PM CST (Attendance of the classes is highly encouraged -- but recordings are available for those unable to attend or international members)
  • Access to a private Facebook group with me, my team and other incredible business owners
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Any lingering questions?

Email Kendra at and she will be happy to help!

P.S. This program is not for everyone.

It’s no accident that it’s called “Millionaire Hustlers."

This program is not for you if…

  • You’re looking for a magic pill. This program is for the scrappy, savvy, willing-to-hustle entrepreneur who knows great results come from dedication and a little bit of elbow grease.
  • You’re resistant to change. If you’re reading this, chances are the strategies you’ve been using or the way they’ve been implemented haven’t been getting you the results you desire. If you join Millionaire Hustlers, you’ll need to be ready and willing to shake things up!
  • You’re comfortable. This program is for business owners with a drive to achieve more. If you’re happy with where your business is at and don’t feel a burning desire to take things to the next level, this program isn’t for you.

Before you can bask in the glory (a.k.a. spend more time with your family – or feel less stressed and overwhelmed!) you’re going to have to be willing to put in the grind. The hustle. 

I’m known for getting results. But you’ve got to really want it.

Are you ready?

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